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Friday, January 3, 2014

1951 Interaction With Alien Beings From Landed Craft In Virginia - In Latest MUFON Reports

The date is listed as July 20th 1951 - and the location Louisa Virginia - Report Includes Multiple Alien Abductions Perhaps

In the summer of 1951 I was 6 years old, out playing in the front of our house. I heard a swishing noise and looked up to see what it was. It was a hot sunny day without any breeze. About 50-60 feet above me was a saucer shaped vehicle hovering and spinning. It caused all of the leaves on the tree to fold and turn downward as if trying to avoid radiation or some sort of emissions. Electro magnetic maybe. I was waiting for my grandmother to call me in for lunch so it was probably about noon. The saucer hovered for about 2 minutes and tilted toward me. At that time it moved away from my yard and landed behind some trees blocking its view from my house. I ran into the house and told my grandmother what I had seen and she just blew it off. I was sitting on my bed looking out the window in the back of the house when I saw the 2 beings passing along the outer edge of our yard behind some peach trees. They were different heights. One was a half head shorter than the other. They seemed to be wearing suits which were rouge red in color. They were walking side by side and moved out of sight from my window. That was my last memory until about 10pm. My Grandmother and I were standing in the kitchen in the dark and lunch was still sitting out on the counter. At one point I know I was in the saucer. It had a window and I could see the road below...... (see link for full report)
Interesting report. Obviously, questions about what the grandmother thought 10 hours later pop into my head. I always love that the 1950's aliens were dressed too.
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