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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 25th 2015 - New Phoenix Lights... Scare Cats - With Pictures

Strange UFO Story

I was home sick with my cats. I live on the 2nd floor of Domus. I have been watching the drones in the area, so I was observing the sky from my balcony. My apartment is all windows on the balcony side. I came inside and was doing something when I 2 saw bright lights out my windows. I looked up and the "orbes" or headlights were heading toward me going North. They cruised over my building. All I saw were the bright lights and no aircraft. About 45 min later I saw it, or another one, up higher in the sky. It was heading West toward me. As it got closer wind started up. I was looking at it and taking photos and my eyes were burning and watering and tearing badly. I'm not sure if it was the super bright lights that bothered my eyes or what. As it came closer, it got lower, and again all I saw were the two lights which I thought were headlights but I couldn't see an aircraft. My cats began to freak out. It was super quiet outside, nobody out, and no traffic at around 5:30 am. When it got really close at 5:45 am, my youngest cat began to try to hide as if she was being chased, and was hiding under my glass tables on the balcony which is totally out of character! I had to pick her up and bring her inside. Something was so strange about it that I shut the door and blinds because my cats were so scared. Maybe they heard a noise from the thing that humans cannot detect? I took photos of the bright lights.
One of the strange pictures submitted to MUFON
(as with all pictures from MUFON in 2015 - I download them to my computer first as they tend to VANISH from MUFON)

More Pictures Below


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2014 - Strange Objects Hanging Out Low In The Vermont Skies?

This one is from Ken Pfeifer that he shared with me and other UFOlogists..... about a case that he is investigating.... wouldn't you love to know what the heck is going on in this one?
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 5:21:49 PM 

On the evening December 4th, 2014 at approximately 9 p.m., I was exercising in our basement and noticed a very bright light which I could see through our basement window. I ran up our first flight of stairs, opened the front door and stood on the porch. Before noticing any detail I felt an intense sense of dread. I looked up toward the sky at a 45 degree angle, directly away from our house, toward Vermont's highest mountain peak. In the near distance, perhaps a half mile from where I was standing, I saw an extremely bright object, pulsating red and blue lights, bouncing around slightly. I stood for perhaps 30 seconds or a minute watching this object, feeling transfixed but also very fearful. I recalled in that moment some of the stories of abductees who were paralyzed prior to their close encounters, and screamed at myself mentally to turn around and go back inside. I walked quickly inside, locked the door and ran up the next flight of stairs to our living room, where my wife was sitting and watching television. I turned off all the lights and then the TV and told her, "you need to see this." I brought her to our picture window, oriented precisely eastward in the direction of the object, and asked, "WHAT IS THAT?" She leaned toward the window, squinted her eyes and her mouth dropped open. At the same moment I noticed another similar bright object to the north, but this object became a secondary consideration to us because it was partially obscured by tree branches near our window and appeared to be farther away and at a higher altitude. I asked her to stand there and continue to watch the object for unusual flight patterns if it began to change position. As she did this, I ran to my office to retrieve my Celestron Model #21035 travel telescope. When I returned, I noticed a light on the ground directly below the UFO, in a location that I know to be a patch of cow pasture void of any structures. I quickly found the UFO in my telescope lens. What I saw shocked me down to my core. The object was disc-shaped, bright, colorful, pulsating and bouncing. The pulsating red and blue lights appeared to come from within the craft, passing out through its walls. I then found the light on the ground below the craft and saw that it was cylindrical, orangish-yellow and was illuminating a white angular object which sat closer to my house on the grass. After two or three minutes, I decided that I would not see enough detail in the light and turned the telescope back toward the UFO. When my wife again examined the craft, she asked, "what is that other the air, closer to us, in the bottom right corner of the view?" I looked and saw the corner of another, mostly black and camouflaged object, perhaps two or three hundred yards closer to us.
I watched this object for ten minutes or longer and noticed that it was slowly rocking around and up and down. On several occasions, I could clearly see that the bright, pulsating disc was casting enough light on the angular craft to illuminate two corners of what appeared to be a triangular black craft. My wife paced around the house, communicating irritation with me for looking at these objects with such interest at first, but eventually, after at least a full hour, parked herself on a chair near me saying, "I feel weird...I'm scared...I don't like this." At some point, I noticed that the light on the ground had vanished. Then, I noticed that the pulsating disc was calmer - more stationary and less bright. The red light, especially, was mostly or entirely gone and the craft appeared to settle into a lower-energy state. The triangular craft remained in the same position for another thirty minutes. Immediately prior to going to bed, I saw that the disc and triangle had both changed positions. The disc was now higher, perhaps directly above the triangle, which was now oriented with a single corner pointing downward. Suddenly, I saw the full form of the triangle, which was hovering with its underside pointing directly at my window. I saw one faint, circular orange light at each of three corners. The next day, I bumped into a resident who lives on the road directly opposite my house from the previous evening's activity. This individual informed me that she had see an object that matched my description of the bright object at 9 p.m. on December 3rd and 4th. I knew this meant that the object might return soon, and watched from my window throughout the night of December 5th. Two bright, pulsating objects appeared shortly before midnight, at least one half mile farther from my house than they had been the previous night. I watched for over an hour as they appeared to follow a grid pattern slightly above the tree tops near a river. A quick scan of the internet reveals that Vermont is currently a hotspot for these phenomena. Many people have reported similar objects in my area; MANY more have likely seen them and remained silent.  I would be willing to speak with you by phone, but I must be careful not to allow my name to be associated with my report as it is presented to the public. Thank you for all of your amazing work MUFON.  
Case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

1976 Cumberland City Tennessee - Strange Craft With Later Confirmation

A multiple witness event - all this was reported to MUFON on 7/21/14

My girl friend at the time (my future wife) had gone parking in the country within view of the TVA Cumberland City power plant. It was a field next to a creek that I had been to many times. We had been there about 30 minutes and I got out of the car for a minute. When I got back in, a large black sphere with 3 very intense orange lights at the edges equally spaced was hovering silently above a large tree directly in front of us about 800 ft away. At first I thought it might be a balloon or something from the 101st Airborne, located nearby, but it made no sound and just did not appear to be anything like I had ever seen before. I asked the person with me where it came from and she said that it appeared first as a distant light that almost immediately became the huge object in front of us and did not make a sound (I got out just to confirm this and there was total silence). It then slowly sit down behind this large tree and I will never forget the intensity of the three orange lights shining through the tree leaves was like the sun. It stayed there for a few minutes and then rose above the tree and not long after that emitted a bright orange ball of light towards the power plant. I say emitted but it was difficult to tell if the ball of energy was coming from the craft or coming from the power plant to the craft. After about thirty minutes another light on the ground some distance from the craft appeared in the woods - it was a bright white glowing light that would periodically emit a bright flash. In about another thirty minutes, another light appeared in another part of the woods but it was a spotlight like light that appeared to be searching the trees and area close to the craft. We sat there for some time and I thought about leaving the car and going to get as close as I could but I was concerned for the safety of my girlfriend. We thought about leaving and going to get someone to come see but we figured that it would be gone before we returned. Craft was as large as the tree it sat behind and hovered over, with a black surface that did not reflect the very bright orange lights on it's edges. When it sat down it was like the sphere rotated but the lights stayed on the outside edges. It also appeared to have some sort of windows or something above the equator of the sphere but I could not make out if there was anyone. What is going to sound crazy is that both of us could feel that they did not want us to worry about their presence and we should just go ahead and act normal. We were never scared or frightened during the event and it was like they were communicating with us in some way to reassure us. It is hard to explain this and also the loss of time that we seemed to experience - I think that I took her home late but I was unsure of the time next day and I was and still am unsure how long the event lasted and have often wondered if hypnosis would reveal more about the event. I just remember that the next day I was very mad at myself for leaving without investigating further or staying longer - I was into photography and could have gotten a camera and come back but it was like we had lost free will and I am unsure when we left but all of the lights and the object was still there when we did finally leave and seemed to be in no hurry to leave. It was like we were just following directions to leave and go home and don't worry about it. We had plenty of time to leave and return with others but we did not and I still cannot explain why. It was an amazing experience that we learned very quickly not to tell anyone about as the ridicule from others was very cruel and no-one believed us until I was telling my sister in law about it and she about fainted and told me that her cousin, who lived near the TVA New Johnsonville power plant had seen this very same object just a couple of days after this. I also found out about a person who was driving on the same road next to the field that night who had almost wrecked his truck trying to avoid some kind of creature in the road.
1976 Tennessee UFO
This blog is called Strange UFO Stories for a reason - multiple Orbs/UFOs - interacting with each other AND a power plant - and the humans observing them.... with distorted consciousness, loss of free will and time, and with confirmation from non-witnesses (time-frame craft and creature). A Strange UFO story indeed. 
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

1998 - Deltona Florida - Sitting In A Beam Of Light

This is from the most recent MUFON reports of February 22nd 2015 - From The Latest MUFON Reports

A friend and I were sitting outside on this night talking. A light was projected around me as a perfect circle and did not move for a minute or so. This light had edges that were perfectly sharp and unmoveing. The light then wobbled a little and started to travel away from my friend and I. we watched it travel across the grass and across some trees. This beam was not wobbly and moved very slowly. it then slowly receded into sky were we seen a craft projecting the light, it did no move at all. It was like a long florescent light bulb in the sky. We observed this lighted craft for a couple of minutes, then it suddenly and very very quickly either flew away from us or turned off light. It was an amazing sight. My friend who I'm still in contact with still to this day can not explain what he witnessed with me. We are both still trying to come to terms with what was in the sky that night.Also street lights after the craft disappeared started to flicker and some shut off completely very strangely.
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