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Sunday, April 13, 2014

UFOs Outside The Mental Hospital

Oh, it doesn't get much stranger than this folks... from inside a 2010 mental ward.... a report you will not forget easily... from the latest MUFON reports of March 22nd - the location, New Hampshire:
(the above is the full MUFON link - a few comments by me after the report you see below)
red is my emphasis
After learning about the "Illuiminati"/ "Secret government", it scared me so much that I had a mental breakdown and was put in a mental ward. I was later diagnosed schizophrenia. I must say though, being in this hospital. I was getting a weird vibe that it was somehow connected to NASA. I met people my age (20) who seemed to me to be "special" in their own right. I later connected this to the movie Akira, which depicts Super Solider Children that have god like powers that save the world. After realizing I had found something much bigger than the illuminati or other conspiracies I had an UFO experience. I was in the hospital for about a month and after being in there two weeks, seeing new people come and go, one night before going to bed I wanted to look at the stars. I sat on my bed and looked outside. There were court yard lights in the courtyard in the middle of the hospital so it was hard to see the stars. I turned away from the window thinking I wouldn't see any stars. For some reason I looked back to the stars and I noticed there were 3-6 white glowing things in the sky. being a long time star observer i noticed these lights were in out atmosphere and were too close to the ground to be stars. They must of been 500 ft off the ground. Not making any noise not moving. Another weird thing i did without thinking, I closed my eyes, and immediately after closing my eyes, I saw what looked like crop circle IMAGES. What I saw was a black background with white detailed of the picture. Not so much a outline but the part of the picture that had information was white. Not painful at all total silent. They showed me 6-9 images, one being a swastika. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I opened my eyes and looked out the window with my heavy breathing. The objects were closer to the ground now they were over the tree tops. I still couldn't make out if they were orbs or UFOS or if it was light coming off the UFOs but they looked like glowing lights. A man who was doing room checks then came in to see me and i almost jumped through the roof. I screamed and yelled at him, "They're outside!!!!!" He looked at me and said, " We Know… Try to sleep…" He left and I jumped back on my and looked out the window. The objects moved from over the treetops to about 1-2 miles into the sky and were hard to see. they had stayed in perfect formation. They were in a line. Going from left to right. This reminded me of the big dipper.
Other than my standard warning about disinfo agents - this is an interesting account about the deep rabbit hole that one can dig when encountering `BS' about unknown subjects... like the Illuminati crappola.
Strange UFO Stories - and over a dozen more in the archive to consume. Thanks for your readership - why not bookmark and return?
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1919 Goose Pond Woods Tennesse - Orb Light Follows Family Group After Being Beckoned

Wow, the headline on this one says it all really - but, it's still worth your one minute read. From the MUFON Reports of Jan. 15th 2014:
There is a place in our county they call the GOOSE POND WOODS, this story is the story that my mother handed down to me and all our cousins, as she had four sisters and the all were walking home from church in the years of 1919-1921....these woods have long been a haunting place as locals have said that horses would not travel through at night. It is said that one of the girls said "lord send us a light" and a large white light came down over the top of the trees and followed them all the way home.. the light was so bright you could have seen to pick up a needle my mother told me...I just wanted to put this on record because this was before planes, all my cousins know this tale from beginning to end...tks [Name removed/cms/tg]
Be careful of what one asks for, right? As is quite often the case, we have another example of the Orb phenomena not only `actualizing' upon demand - but - also displays the `following' phenomena that is also reported upon occasion. A Classic Story.
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