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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2000 - 12 Year Old Sees Football Shaped Wobbling Craft From 100 Feet Away (MUFON Report)

Pretty good account... except how in the world does he not go into the size of the craft? And, if he was 12 he knows the approx year, right?

Unfortunately my dates and times are not accurate. This was about 15 years ago, however this event has profoundly changed my opinion of what reality on earth may be. I never got around to reporting it, because at that time, hell, I was only 12. I was sitting in the driveway waiting for my mom to take me to hockey practice I'm the afternoon sometime. Suddenly out of my right eye I feel a flash of light(may have been reflecting the sun). I glance over and I see a solid black/gray football shaped craft emerging from the woods and rocking while banking towards the next group of wooded area. From where I was sitting the craft was less than 100 feet away from me in broad daylight and clear skies.

It appeared like a football on its side with the top and bottom hemispheres slightly off center. It had what almost looked like black corrugated tubing stretching from front to back of the craft. Another part about the instance that I have to express is the movement of the craft. As soon as the bright flash happened I'm not sure if the being controlling the craft was startled or lost control, but the way how it rocked while it was banking made me believe that whatever piloting it had an "oh crap" moment. If there was a person inside it, surely it would have vomited from the rocking. Maybe it was autonomous. That's the only reason why I bring up the movement. It may have been some sort of drone. Ours? Maybe. It had no wings or visible engine and was absolutely silent.

Maineville used to be pretty rural at that time, it headed towards what used to be a farm. I only saw it for about 30 seconds but the 30 seconds has been burned into my head for quite some time. I wish I had accurate time and dates. Maybe someone else saw this. I've never seen any other ufo report about anything like what I saw. Trust me since I was 12 I've been obsessed with this. I've researched everywhere and watched countless videos trying to find a match of what I saw, which now leads me to reaching out to others. I know what I saw. I saw it close and in broad daylight. You can't tell me it was a blimp, it was less than 100 feet away from me. This was real. If a sketch is needed, I'll do my best.
No sketch was submitted - I can't really remember a `football shape' before but a small percentage of UFOs display the `falling leaf' or `rocking' phenomena.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1970 - `UFO's' Have Firefight Over Prince Edward Island

In the summer of 1970 I was camping with my family in the National Park on the north shore of PEI. I noticed strange bright lights in the sky. It was noon / early afternoon with a clear sky. This area was a 'normal' dogfight practice area for CFB Summerside fighter planes. At first I didn't realize what I was seeing but the RCMP officer I was chatting with at the time also witnessed this strange phenomenon. He radioed immediately and reported what we both witnessed. It was the weirdest sight I'd ever seen. No noise, no sound of any kind, just two tiny objects way up in the sky, firing at each other. Within 10 minutes both objects just 'broke away' from the fire fight and one disappeared in one direction and the other disappeared into the other direction. We were standing in the parking lot, near the stairs to the beach. When I joined my friends on the beach, none of them had noticed it as none of them were looking at the sky at the time.

A few days later I asked the RCMP officer if he had heard back and he said, "we didn't see it, we didn't see anything". We just looked at each other and as he was a newly graduated RCMP officer on his first posting, he wasn't going to make waves and no-one would believe a 15 year old girl.

It was the strangest sight I'd ever seen, and I knew it was not from this planet. This was during the cold war and I wasn't dumb enough to think the USSR and the USA had such advanced weaponry. Balls of light moving so fast at each other, so rapidly, and then the unbelievable speed at which both UFOs disappeared, was just mind boggling to me and to that young RCMP officer.
The old `official denial' of the orb incident.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1967 - Howe Caverns New York - Missing Time, Fear, And More!

 A loss of rationality.... a refusal to talk about..... missing time.... part of the course..... 
My best friend and I were returning to Long Island from Expo 67 in Montreal Canada. It was late and we knew we would never make it so we decided to stop along the way. We saw a billboard advertising Howe Caverns and we decided to go there for the night and then visit the caves in the morning. It was Labor Day weekend and it was Saturday night. We followed the signs into the parking lot of the caverns. It was about 11-11:15 at night. We were young foolish kids and didn't have much money so we decided to sleep in the car. It was a white 1961 Chevy Impala. We were the only car in the lot and I remember saying, "let's park in a corner so if we oversleep I don't want people looking in the windows"
I parked the car , in such a way , that I backed against a hill declining away from the car. The trunk overhung the start of the decline. You basically couldn't stand behind the car. I parked with the passenger doors also at the edge of the lot. I remember saying, "at least the car is protected from passerbyes on 2 sides...the rear and passenger side. I was in the front seat and my friend Bill was in the rear seat, ready to go to sleep. We locked the doors. I laid down with my head where the passenger would sit and Bill was the same way in the rear. Since it was pitch black, I had my eyes closed. Bill, then calmly said "look at the lights in the trees". I said, "s**t, it's probably the sheriff, he saw our car lights come up here and we are going to be caught". That was the last rational comment made for several hours. Now, first you must know the dynamics between Bill and I. Best friends from 7th grade, we were now juniors in college. He went to N Y Maritime College, and I went to Hofstra University. He was always better than me in every sport we tried, from skiing to tennis. He could run faster, swim better and do more pushups than me. I always felt "safe" around him. I knew I could count on a stronger, more rational guy to protect me. Well, he suddenly started screaming, almost berserk like, at me to "get away, drive away". He kept shouting, "THEY'RE BEHIND US, THEY'RE OVER THE CAR". For a few seconds I didn't respond in a scared manner. I remember thinking that its just the cops. In seconds I slowly started to react. An intense light was shining in my eyes. Even though they were still closed, I could see the reds and harsh whites of light....and at the same time, Bill was sitting up and pounding on the seat and me to get up and go. I never saw him like this, and I was now reacting to his fear. I opened my eyes and he was climbing into the front seat..I told him calm down, I'll drive away. The car's interior was lit up like day, yet it was pitch black outside. I realized the light was coming in from the rearview window. I thought that strange, since nothing could be behind us. I saw the keys on the dashboard, I put them in the ignition, he was next to me, and I calmly drove away. When we reached the main road, there were no signs of any cops. I stopped, and remember saying, "let's get a motel". I turned left and drove not more than a mile and we came across an old motel. I pulled into the lot and saw that it was almost 3:30 and said "it's crazy to pay for a room for a few hours, let's sleep in the car. Bill calmly said 'OK', and I remember saying, "let's put up something to block the windows so the lights don't get us" We calmly went to sleep, not discussing what just happened or even realizing 3 hours went by. We awoke around 8, and took the maps out of the windows, that we used to block the "lights" and went up to the caverns. I went back to that parking spot and we looked around and couldn't understand anything that happened. We shrugged it off, toured the caverns, and around noon headed to Long Island. Nothing about last night was was like we couldn't rationalize it. It was a blur. An aside about me...I am the hysterical one, I react to things, I can get out of control in a flash...and yet that night I was the calm one and Bill was the screamer. Anyway, I dropped him home and then went to my house. We both still lived with our parents. When I walked in the house, my father was watching T V and on the coffee table was Newsday, Long Islands newspaper. The headlines screamed at me..."U F O'S sighted over upstate New York....I rushed to the phone to call Bill...He answered, and I said "did you see the paper?" He was shaken and said ,"yes"...I said, "what happened, what did we see?" He refused to talk about it..He wouldn't answer me. For 35 years we lost contact. When we finally did reconnect, he was married and living in Oceanside, California. I was living in the Hudson Valley. I asked him about that night in 1967, and his voiced changed and wouldn't even acknowledge what I was asking. He died in 2005. I am still left with untold answers of what happened that night. Now for the real "crazy" stuff. I am almost afraid to write this because it is so bizarre...I had incidents like this in 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007. I often thought , what happened in 1957 , when I was 9 years old? Well, I remember waking up one morning, we lived in Flushing NY, and I had an object imbedded under my skin on my right thigh. I showed my mother. It was clearly under the skin, yet there was no mark, cut or pain. She looked at it and said, "you must have stuck a pencil point into your leg. don't worry ,it will go away" . I remember thinking I didn't do that, besides that would hurt. It took about 6-8 months to "disappear" into my thigh. If I coughed, my mother had the doctor there, yet she was absolutely unconcerned about this object in my leg. It resembled a lead pencil point, with a dull tip. In 1977, in California, in 1987, in the Hudson Valley, in 1997, in NYC and in 2007, in the Hudson Valley, other "incidents" occurred. I am now 66, I have seen all the shows about abductions, missing time implants, etc...and would like an answer. I am not seeking publicity and am quite embarrassed about all this. People laugh when I tell them, they ridicule and tease. Let me tell you, the fear is overwhelming, like I have never felt. Thank you for reading this. And yes, I saw the "greys"....How sick does that sound?
Now, are you ready for today's kicker to the story?
I too had (still have) SOMETHING embedded under my skin that I always thought was a pencil point that I had broke off at a liquor store with my dad as a child.... last year, he says... it never happened.... 
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