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Monday, February 29, 2016

2015-2016 HIGH Strangeness In Bandera, Texas

I'm updating my TexasUFO blog and in doing the MUFON search for that post came across a story suitable for STRANGE UFO STORIES - are you ready? Red is my emphasis.

Firstly I should state I live in Texas in Whodah nowhere, in a small nondescript town where nothing happens, and life is pretty damn boring. I live on a small ranch, and I am a gun toting, country living girl and with all that said I don't think any of it will keep me safe from what's been happening.

First Occurrence:

I was outside with my husband, it was late at night and we had just gotten home from work and errands; I had stopped to look at the stars and I saw what seemed to be just a star although it was abnormally bright and shone blue. 
My husband was walking into the house when I realized it wasn't a star, I urged him over and he returned slowly whilst looking up to the sky; the blue light flew over head very slowly and the silhouette of the thing was barely visible, I thought it was a drone because the silhouette of it was T shaped, it passed over head and disappeared. 

Second Occurrence:

My husband awoke earlier than usual to get to work early and I was going in early with him, while I was getting ready for the day he went outside to take our dogs to the bathroom and felt the strange sensation of being watched, when he looked toward sthe direction he sensed the "watching" from he saw the blue light in the sky and it rocketed off abruptly leaving a blue tail streaking behind it and then it was gone all together.
he came in and told me, we were on edge however we got ready and started out journey to work. As the sun was coming up over the hills and we were chatting and talking there was a strange sound and before out eyes there was the same blue light and it streaked across the sky at supsonic speed leaving a faint trail of blue behind it as it rocketed towards the sun coming over the horizon. We were speechless.

Third Occurrence:

I Spent my day home off work and was doing chores, being goofy and watching movies with my mom and spending quality time with her, a nondescript day and nothing to cause alarm, however around 3 in the afternoon when we were in separate parts of the house I heard to me what sounded like Thunder but while it happened I was looking out my window, it was breezy and cloudless sunny day. My mother thought it was a tornado, pretty common in our part of the country. my dogs were outside on their leashes so they could go potty and they were both FREAKING out, howling, whining, and running back and forth at the edge of their leashes.
I ran outside to get them in case it was a tornado, I left the front door open as usual so my two dogs run inside, my big husky got away from my grasp and ran towards a huge mess in the driveway that was not there, he stopped at the edge of the driveway and glared into our forest, the hair was on edge on his back and he was growling.
I ran over to grab him and saw the mess that was not there before, we had truck tires stacked that we needed to take over to the shop to get put on our vehicle and the tire was across the driveway next to the treeline and it was steaming, steaming like a cup of coffee steams right after you pour it. I grabbed him and rushed him inside, I could still hear the weird thundering sound surrounding our county, but then it went away. 
Fourth Occurrence:

I went out with my parents for our weekly, evening bible study and came home with my parents, while our gate was opening I could see a silhouette standing by the backdoor of our house, I thougth it was my husband, he had decided to stay home because he was sick, I pointed at the silhouette and asked why my husband was standing outside waiting for us, my mother saw saw it too and said she didn't know why, we came through the gate and went around the small corner of our driveway and the silhouette was gone.
When we went inside I found my husband was asleep in our room, I asked him why he came outside and he replied that he had been asleep for 4 hours.
So now I must further explain this last occurance, my husband is 6'3, he is a tall guy who is very muscular, however the following day when I was showing him where I saw the silhouette I got chill down my back as I realized whatever I saw was 2 feet taller than him and almost double his width in shoulder and arm shape. 

Fifth Occurrence:
on 1/1/16
we had a BBQ with our family friends and the evening consisted of fireworks and bonfires, however after everyone left my husband was sitting at the kindling fire pit with our husky. I had gone inside because of a severe headache and he was alone.
Our dog was on edge my husband said, pacing and growling at the tree line beside out gate entrance to our ranch, he wandered off and would not return to his usual commands.
my husband used his typical, advanced-skill whistle for our husky, an abnormal sing-song sort of whistle that is very difficult to copy, as the dog came running back to my husband there was something by the gate, two acres away mimicked the whistle in its entirety.
the dog sat beside my husband and was deep guttural growling in the direction where out gate is; my husband whistled a complex whistle again, and it was mimicked back at him.
my husband rose from his seat to come inside and whistled at our dog to follow, and there was a third mimic of the whistle, only this time it was much louder. 

A bit of everything here really... a sky orb... coming closer and becoming formed.... a following orb.... the sky sound phenomena followed by on the ground high strangeness... followed by a `bigfoot' type of being within their premise and finally an outside sound/being with impossible vocal ability.

Dig into the archive for more great strangeness.
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