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Saturday, January 25, 2014

67 Year Old Kentucky Person Fesses Up To Lifelong Alien Abduction By Greys (Latest MUFON Reports)

IMO, these lucid dream states are probably hard to tell from the real thing for some folks. That said, the experience is very likely 'real' at some level of space. That multiple 'people' can go to the same lucid dream space is certainly within the realm of possibilities IMO.

(mufon link above)

Long Description of Sighting Report
I would like to be hypnotized,to find out if what I seem to 'dream',is actually happening.It began back in 1988,( as far as I know).It seems like I have been aboard a 'craft',several times,over the years,with the most recent being approximately 2 weeks ago.I lived in Georgia when it began happening.I now live in Kentucky and it's still going on.I've only told my
partner about this.These 'dreams' were true,concerning what happened to my (now deceased)husband,and my niece.Since this site can be read by the public-I decline to give specific details.But if someone from your research team contacts me,I'd be more than happy to share information.Also I would be willing to take a lie detector test-just to get to the bottom of this.I am now 67 years old,and finally have the nerve to talk to a professional about this.My family doesn't know what's been happening to me.
It would only be my word.But I can describe the insides of the crafts,that I really do believe I've been on.It has always been the 'grays',that I've seen.I was working on what appeared to be an assembly line,with them.I don't remember seeing any babies,however,it's possible that I did.I have seen many other humans,with me,in these dreams.I have awaken with my clothes,not put back on like I had them when I went to bed,and I 'saw' a gray standing by my bed,and I felt like I BELONGED to him,somehow.I used to dread going to bed when this first started,and as a result I started taking medicine to put me to sleep faster,becaude I could tell when they were coming.'I'll explain this to whomever I talk to.But over the years,I,somehow,lost that fear.I've also HEARD the humming of a craft leaving,after bringing me back.I will end this by asking for your help,to find out the truth.I have noticed that my every day memory,is getting worse.I also ALMOST constantly hear a sound in my right ear,that appears to be a s strange sound wave.( only way that I can describe it)Also,I did not keep dates and times,as I was too busy raising my children,taking care of my elder Mother,and working full time job.I just didn't tell anybody else about it.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Family Members Have Very Close Encounter In Arkansas On 1/17 - MUFON Reports (Has Happened Before Too)

This one is a wow story readers...... a previously abducted twosome with a second close encounter .. but the nugget in this one is the semi-description of the previous abduction. Are these events real? Certainly in one sense they are IMO but does that reality exist in the here and now... well........

Red is my emphasis
Fayetteville AR 1/17 reported 1/20

On Friday, January 17, 2014, my daughter [Name Remoced/CMS/rjl] and I had a close, and I mean 
less than 20 ft. away, encounter w/ a UFO. It was triagular in shape and had 
gold/white circles on each end w/ a red circle in the middle. I would estimate 
at least 50 ft. in diameter but not sure. Maddie says more like half a mile. 
It was big. We noticed it about 100 ft. away between two trees over Gulley Park 
and I turned off Township and pulled into a driveway to get a better look. It 
was like it knew we were talking about it b/c as soon as I pulled into the 
driveway it flew instantly right to us almost on top of us! I said "If you are 
the ETs that abduct people you've done it to us before and we don't like it and 
we forbid you to do it anymore! If that is who you are I command you to go 
away!" I can't believe I said that but I was more pissed than scared. We're 
not damn cows you can just mark and monitor for God's sake! after I said that 
it hovered over us for another second or two like it was deciding what to do 
then just shot off at an impossible speed. All truth! I'm telling you b/c I 
know you are one of the few people who would believe me. 

This is by no means the first time my children and I have had a UFO encounter. 
I know we have been abducted at least once in 1999 while driving in a remote 
wooded area between Fordyce and Hampton driving to El Dorado in 1999. I need to 
talk about it and so does my daughter because as the years go by we remember 
more and more of the experience and it makes me feel very vulnerable. It is too 
much to go into detail in this email but it was huge and it elevated our car 
into the ship and did something to us that basically took over our bodies and 
consciousness. But it didn't work completely with my daughter and me. Actually 
it didn't work at all with Maddie at first and she and I remember men w/ 
clipboards, white coats and hard hats directing everyone. But she remembers 
what the beings directing the men loo'ked like and they were insectoids at least 
7 or 8 ft. tall and they were very upset that whatever technology they were 
using to control people did not work on her. we lost two hours that night and 
when we came to the car was parked on the side of the road and we were outside 
of it. I have many over experiences I need to share with someone.
Estimates in size of object from 50 feet to 2,800 feet leave a lot to say for the idea that the perception is less than real in the common consensus of our reality as is IMO the idea of seeing two different 'scenarios' about the UFO craft.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Stalking UFO In Washington D.C.? (Latest MUFON Reports)

With more than a touch of fear comes this report from the latest MUFON reports - this month long recurring UFO/Orb follows this person and has supposedly come to within 5 feet of them. Here's the link to the full MUFON account from 1/20/14 - Washington D.C. UFO 2014..... yeah, sounds a bit crazy erhhh strange.
(excerpt below)
....This night was the first night that it followed me and came close hovered 5 feet from where I was standing it had four different close the lights ranged from white, purple,red, and green. This was the night when I was positive that it was a ufo. Ever since I seen it that night I have been scared to death.....
Almost like a paranoia machine..... IMO .....
Are you ready for another?
How about an Orb that leaves behind an entity in Texas (in 2008) that was 9-10 feet tall and totally black... it gets weirder.... erhhh, stranger.
......about a week later one of us seen a large blacker than night 9to10 feet tall head and shoulder mass for a second(at night)i seen it every other week for a couple of months then i started to see it 2to3 seconds before it disappeared into the trees this happened for a few more months until one night....
The whole UFO... Orb... phenomena being related to what some would call a Bigfoot phenomena is seldom talked about above the whisper level - when it is, it often changes the way one understands 'the anomalous'.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another `Instant Triangle UFO' - Alabama, 8-31-13 - Latest MUFON Reports

(reported to MUFON 12-14-13)
red is my emphasis
One night around 10:30p.m. I was outside smoking a cigarette talking to the stars. I just got done watching ancient aliens and was really starting to get upset with myself for actually believing the weird things they say on that show. I look at the brightest star and say in my brain "You bitches aint real." and walk from the backyard to the side of the house. Now here is when my life change. As I throw the Newport behind me, floating so silent, was a solid midnight dark triangle with a bright orange light in the middle above my garage. As I look up I tried to wrap my brain around what I was seeing it felt as if I was being studied then the orange light flashed and brighten. This is when fear took over my brain and instead of going to the camera in my phone I stood there for about 15 seconds shaking then I just ran under the garage. I just stood under it for about 7 seconds then I had a feeling like if something was meant to happen it would I mean if it can sneak up on me theres no telling what else its capable of. So I step out the garage and it finally moves and hover over my head and just continue its route straight for about 6 minutes till in the distance it just look like an orange dot. I went in the house still shaking and terrified. My girl looked at me and asked whats wrong she actually seen the fear in my eyes and thats something out of 3 years she never seen. Ever since then Ive had an problem with the dark like Im not scared of it but I do respect it a whole lot more Im just so uneasy now its like Im always being looked at when the lights off now
Maybe we'll need on Amazing UFO stories to keep track of how many times the phenomena is able to `present itself' to callers or doubters, etc. Literally instantly present (although the UFO could be setting it up in the mind timewise I guess).  I have a feeling this will not be this persons only experience.
12/10/13 Orb Dive Bombs Couples Car, Then Hovers, Over Interstate 91 In Northern Vermont
(Reported on 12/17)
My wife and I were driving south on I-91 in northen Vermont south of St Johnsbury, my wife though she saw a falling star, it was a red and orange traveling at a high rate of speed but it then stoped an hovered about 30 feet over the interstate as we drove under it. After it stopped it was just a white glow about 10 to 12 inchs across kind of star or diamond shaped, there was nothing around and we were not around any towns or lights. I lost sight of it after I drove under it. My wife saw it for about 5 seconds before it hovered and I only saw it for less than a second or two has I drove under it. My wife looked at me and ask "did you see that?" and I said yes. We joke most of the way back to our motel about seeing something like that and wondered what it was.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Death Threats, EBE and Abduction Of Planes - Latest MUFON Report

They don't get much more strange than this one out of San Antonio Texas. From the latest MUFON reports - reported 1/15/14:
(full MUFON link above)
There were three unidentified objects all three white but the last seen object hovered over my house and my kids observed it. As the kids observed the third object rise from the ground the objects appearance was white with blk dots and a red glow. The third ufo then made a whistling noise and sped out at unknown speed in the south direction the same as the second object. I observed the object slowly traveled to the south and the object size was massive. The object appeared to look like a comet. I am a trained forward observer United States Army Veteran and according to your office. I have had various encounters with EBE I also have given my report to the MUFON organization apparently the object was over my house for some reason. I would like to get on record that I turned down the offer to be a field investigator because of the death threats in the past but now I would love to tell my story please contact me. I have pictures of the ufo and entities that abducted the plane as well while I was traveling to Korea. 5 witnesses
thanks for your readership
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Friday, January 3, 2014

1951 Interaction With Alien Beings From Landed Craft In Virginia - In Latest MUFON Reports

The date is listed as July 20th 1951 - and the location Louisa Virginia - Report Includes Multiple Alien Abductions Perhaps

In the summer of 1951 I was 6 years old, out playing in the front of our house. I heard a swishing noise and looked up to see what it was. It was a hot sunny day without any breeze. About 50-60 feet above me was a saucer shaped vehicle hovering and spinning. It caused all of the leaves on the tree to fold and turn downward as if trying to avoid radiation or some sort of emissions. Electro magnetic maybe. I was waiting for my grandmother to call me in for lunch so it was probably about noon. The saucer hovered for about 2 minutes and tilted toward me. At that time it moved away from my yard and landed behind some trees blocking its view from my house. I ran into the house and told my grandmother what I had seen and she just blew it off. I was sitting on my bed looking out the window in the back of the house when I saw the 2 beings passing along the outer edge of our yard behind some peach trees. They were different heights. One was a half head shorter than the other. They seemed to be wearing suits which were rouge red in color. They were walking side by side and moved out of sight from my window. That was my last memory until about 10pm. My Grandmother and I were standing in the kitchen in the dark and lunch was still sitting out on the counter. At one point I know I was in the saucer. It had a window and I could see the road below...... (see link for full report)
Interesting report. Obviously, questions about what the grandmother thought 10 hours later pop into my head. I always love that the 1950's aliens were dressed too.
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