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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another `Instant Triangle UFO' - Alabama, 8-31-13 - Latest MUFON Reports

(reported to MUFON 12-14-13)
red is my emphasis
One night around 10:30p.m. I was outside smoking a cigarette talking to the stars. I just got done watching ancient aliens and was really starting to get upset with myself for actually believing the weird things they say on that show. I look at the brightest star and say in my brain "You bitches aint real." and walk from the backyard to the side of the house. Now here is when my life change. As I throw the Newport behind me, floating so silent, was a solid midnight dark triangle with a bright orange light in the middle above my garage. As I look up I tried to wrap my brain around what I was seeing it felt as if I was being studied then the orange light flashed and brighten. This is when fear took over my brain and instead of going to the camera in my phone I stood there for about 15 seconds shaking then I just ran under the garage. I just stood under it for about 7 seconds then I had a feeling like if something was meant to happen it would I mean if it can sneak up on me theres no telling what else its capable of. So I step out the garage and it finally moves and hover over my head and just continue its route straight for about 6 minutes till in the distance it just look like an orange dot. I went in the house still shaking and terrified. My girl looked at me and asked whats wrong she actually seen the fear in my eyes and thats something out of 3 years she never seen. Ever since then Ive had an problem with the dark like Im not scared of it but I do respect it a whole lot more Im just so uneasy now its like Im always being looked at when the lights off now
Maybe we'll need on Amazing UFO stories to keep track of how many times the phenomena is able to `present itself' to callers or doubters, etc. Literally instantly present (although the UFO could be setting it up in the mind timewise I guess).  I have a feeling this will not be this persons only experience.
12/10/13 Orb Dive Bombs Couples Car, Then Hovers, Over Interstate 91 In Northern Vermont
(Reported on 12/17)
My wife and I were driving south on I-91 in northen Vermont south of St Johnsbury, my wife though she saw a falling star, it was a red and orange traveling at a high rate of speed but it then stoped an hovered about 30 feet over the interstate as we drove under it. After it stopped it was just a white glow about 10 to 12 inchs across kind of star or diamond shaped, there was nothing around and we were not around any towns or lights. I lost sight of it after I drove under it. My wife saw it for about 5 seconds before it hovered and I only saw it for less than a second or two has I drove under it. My wife looked at me and ask "did you see that?" and I said yes. We joke most of the way back to our motel about seeing something like that and wondered what it was.
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