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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Can Anomalous Phenomena Make Clouds Appear?

Hello phenomena chasers - I believe I saw this at Scott Browne's FB UFO page, of which I am a member (sky observers group). As most of you have read me say before.. my analysis of 1,000's of UFO reports and perhaps even a 1000 reports made by people who regularly see "UFO's" in a recurring area of the sky or perhaps closer to the ground - shows the UFO phenomena to be localized by person or physical location. However, much less rarely seen or suggested is that anomalous phenomena can not only appear (on demand/via triggering of intentionality) but perhaps is able to camouflage itself via cloud building.

The video itself is the combination of three separate videos that may or may not add up to a real story...that said, I myself have blogged about the ONLY time I ever saw a Chemtrail Plane "start up" in a clear sky...and it came out of a strange unique forming cloud. Who knows.

BTW - I've found that MUFON seems to once again have it's database impossible to they even know?
I do have a number of potential posts piling up...keep tuned.

Friday, December 9, 2016

New "Phoenix Lights" 2016?

Hey Strange UFO Stories readers...thanks for stopping by again today. How about this picture below?
If The Image Doesn't Show Here's The Link

The story itself is also not dismissive and relates two additional UFO's over Phoenix stories. Since the picture above and the video at this link (course language) - appeared on Twitter in real time..disputing these longer 45 minute events are going to get harder and Harder.

As most of you know - Jack Brewer is one of my favorite "UFO" bloggers - here, he gives real info about how the intel services are now seeping into and seeking the psychology crowd to learn how to interrogate for the Truth That Works. Well worth your 4 minutes.
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