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Thursday, October 9, 2014

1978 - Tyler Texas - One In A Million Million UFO Sighting

You gotta love this MUFON report received on 7/15/14 - about an event at a Drive In Movie Theater seen by everyone - and even video(filmed) taped - that involved the government and more.... well, read it yourself:
UFO overflew drive in theater at very low altitude

Our family was at the Rose Garden drive in theater in the 1970's to see Swiss Family Robinson.I noticed a light in the sky above all the other normal city lights and alerted my wife to it. At first it was considerable distance from the theater but very visible in the sky.I pondered what it could possible be because I knew there were no towers or other structures that height in that part of the city.At first I chalked it off to the only other possibility-a chopper.But I could see no other red or green lights.Only white and it wasn't projecting any type of downward beam.It continued to approach the theater lot at a slow pace and I became really puzzled.Then it got really close and came in over the top of the big theater screen and literally stopped over the lot and just sat there.I had been in tons of choppers in Nam and knew it wasn't that.It was round and emitted what I would equate to the soft white glow a frosted light bulb produces.Everybody was out of their respective vehicles and just staring up totally mesmerized.The craft made not an iota of sound and just sat there at what I would estimate to be at no more than 100-150 ft.above the ground.I was in no way afraid just intrigued to the 10th power.After a minute or two it left.and when I say LEFT-first it changed to red then to green (the whole ship) and then traveled due east over the city of Tyler,Tx. The only thing I can even remotely equate it's exit speed to is remembering the zillions of 50cal. traced rounds I have seen fired from machine guns in Nam.I mean this craft went from where we were, in the extreme eastern part of Tyler on Hwy64,to the extreme western limits of Tyler in an absolute nano-second.Just like the human eye can trace a tracer round as it travels down range at warp speed.Not only did everyone at the Rose Garden Drive In see it but so did apparently many other folks from all over the city because KLTV and the radio stations were jammed. AND my old chemistry teacher at TJC, Mrs. Bsrgram got it on film. She and her hubby are amateur astronomers who built an elevated observation deck on to the back of their home complete with telescopes and special through the lens cameras.Right after this event I called her and she was still ecstatic saying she got many up close photos of the craft.She lives very near TJC which is, perhaps 1/2 mile from the old drive in.Somebody from some GOVERNMENT AGENCY wanted to see them and they were NEVER returned.Her request to get them back were to no avail and she was livid.I have had other sightings at sea plus a fly over of six craft over our home at fairly low altitude but,this warm summer encounter was super close and one of a million million.

Doing a bit of legwork - Nothing Was Found when I search Google for other folks who ever reported this - but only found this account on the front page (the movie theater did exist BTW)
Oh, I then searched KLTV UFO on Google and you'd think that would kick up a famous Drive In Movie Theater UFO - but it only kicked up this 1978 UFO Report. Then I searched KLTV itself and got the Same Report. Although there was this report possibly from Tyler in 1979 which makes for an interesting read and what the guy claims.
My search of the NUFORC Database For Texas found NOTHING for Tyler in the late 70's.
So, a bit of legwork doesn't find anything to support this great reading UFO report - a great READ already reposted by the FIVE sites below at the minimum
I also saw the story already on UFO Forums too. Oh, one more time I searched for TJC - and Tyler indeed has a Jr. College - and about that Chemistry teacher who had the pictures taken? Well, that was over 35 years ago - the present staff is below:

Our Faculty

You can link to faculty biographies on the right hand side.
  • Mr. Larry Cook
  • Dr. Byron Howell
  • Dr. David Hyatt
  • Mr. Robert Root
  • Dr. James Rozell
  • Dr. Idalia Trent
  • Mr. Rodney Whetzel
Short URL to this page:
So, I then sent an e-mail to the head of the Chemistry Dept to see if this was ever a teacher at TJC.
I never got a reply.
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Elaborate Hoax? A Parallel Reality? A Hallucination?

1 comment:

  1. Swiss Family Robinson was released in December of 1960. While not impossible, it is highly unlikely to have been shown at a drive-in in the 1970s. I recall seeing it on broadcast TV in the 1970s -- perhaps on the Wonderful World of Disney.

    I find the Vietnam comments interesting. The US did not deploy combat helicopters in Vietnam until about '64 or '65. In the early 1960s, only some US advisors were there. The reference to an "old chemistry teacher" from junior college suggests that the witness was probably in his 20s at the time of the sighting, and had returned from Vietnam in the late 60s or very early '70s. That would place them in their mid to later 60s now.

    I am not going to call him a liar, but if it is true, I believe the author has confused some of the details.



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