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Thursday, November 6, 2014

1982 - Light Follows Car In Middle Of Night, Sends Down Probe - THAT IS TOUCHED!

A wow `strange report from MUFON on 11/6 about an event that happened to two brothers over 30 years ago. Hyper Strange.
red is my emphasis
My brother and I were traveling south east on interstate 94 at around 4am back in June 1982 about 20 east of Saint cloud. We noticed a light following along side us i flashed the headlights 3 times it flashed back 3 times. my brother said they want to talk to us. We pulled of the interstate heading south on a tar we turned on a gravel and there were heavy trees on each side of the road we came out of the trees and there it was hovering up in the sky.It was round disc shaped with different colored lights flashing! It seemed to be a few hundred feet off the ground. we got out and looked at it. A smaller ball shaped craft surrounded by a cloud came down to the car by us my brother tried to touch it I felt like it x-ray me after a few minutes the ball went back into the ship and it took off into space. We haven't said anything about this for years people just laugh at you anyway. but this really happened and it would be interesting to here what we would say under hypnosis..
This UFO phenomena report has many of the high strangeness attributes of UFOlogy when witnessed at close range.... including responding to human intentionalities, multiple orbs, etc.
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