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Thursday, November 6, 2014

1982 - Light Follows Car In Middle Of Night, Sends Down Probe - THAT IS TOUCHED!

A wow `strange report from MUFON on 11/6 about an event that happened to two brothers over 30 years ago. Hyper Strange.
red is my emphasis
My brother and I were traveling south east on interstate 94 at around 4am back in June 1982 about 20 east of Saint cloud. We noticed a light following along side us i flashed the headlights 3 times it flashed back 3 times. my brother said they want to talk to us. We pulled of the interstate heading south on a tar we turned on a gravel and there were heavy trees on each side of the road we came out of the trees and there it was hovering up in the sky.It was round disc shaped with different colored lights flashing! It seemed to be a few hundred feet off the ground. we got out and looked at it. A smaller ball shaped craft surrounded by a cloud came down to the car by us my brother tried to touch it I felt like it x-ray me after a few minutes the ball went back into the ship and it took off into space. We haven't said anything about this for years people just laugh at you anyway. but this really happened and it would be interesting to here what we would say under hypnosis..
This UFO phenomena report has many of the high strangeness attributes of UFOlogy when witnessed at close range.... including responding to human intentionalities, multiple orbs, etc.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

1978 - Tyler Texas - One In A Million Million UFO Sighting

You gotta love this MUFON report received on 7/15/14 - about an event at a Drive In Movie Theater seen by everyone - and even video(filmed) taped - that involved the government and more.... well, read it yourself:
UFO overflew drive in theater at very low altitude

Our family was at the Rose Garden drive in theater in the 1970's to see Swiss Family Robinson.I noticed a light in the sky above all the other normal city lights and alerted my wife to it. At first it was considerable distance from the theater but very visible in the sky.I pondered what it could possible be because I knew there were no towers or other structures that height in that part of the city.At first I chalked it off to the only other possibility-a chopper.But I could see no other red or green lights.Only white and it wasn't projecting any type of downward beam.It continued to approach the theater lot at a slow pace and I became really puzzled.Then it got really close and came in over the top of the big theater screen and literally stopped over the lot and just sat there.I had been in tons of choppers in Nam and knew it wasn't that.It was round and emitted what I would equate to the soft white glow a frosted light bulb produces.Everybody was out of their respective vehicles and just staring up totally mesmerized.The craft made not an iota of sound and just sat there at what I would estimate to be at no more than 100-150 ft.above the ground.I was in no way afraid just intrigued to the 10th power.After a minute or two it left.and when I say LEFT-first it changed to red then to green (the whole ship) and then traveled due east over the city of Tyler,Tx. The only thing I can even remotely equate it's exit speed to is remembering the zillions of 50cal. traced rounds I have seen fired from machine guns in Nam.I mean this craft went from where we were, in the extreme eastern part of Tyler on Hwy64,to the extreme western limits of Tyler in an absolute nano-second.Just like the human eye can trace a tracer round as it travels down range at warp speed.Not only did everyone at the Rose Garden Drive In see it but so did apparently many other folks from all over the city because KLTV and the radio stations were jammed. AND my old chemistry teacher at TJC, Mrs. Bsrgram got it on film. She and her hubby are amateur astronomers who built an elevated observation deck on to the back of their home complete with telescopes and special through the lens cameras.Right after this event I called her and she was still ecstatic saying she got many up close photos of the craft.She lives very near TJC which is, perhaps 1/2 mile from the old drive in.Somebody from some GOVERNMENT AGENCY wanted to see them and they were NEVER returned.Her request to get them back were to no avail and she was livid.I have had other sightings at sea plus a fly over of six craft over our home at fairly low altitude but,this warm summer encounter was super close and one of a million million.

Doing a bit of legwork - Nothing Was Found when I search Google for other folks who ever reported this - but only found this account on the front page (the movie theater did exist BTW)
Oh, I then searched KLTV UFO on Google and you'd think that would kick up a famous Drive In Movie Theater UFO - but it only kicked up this 1978 UFO Report. Then I searched KLTV itself and got the Same Report. Although there was this report possibly from Tyler in 1979 which makes for an interesting read and what the guy claims.
My search of the NUFORC Database For Texas found NOTHING for Tyler in the late 70's.
So, a bit of legwork doesn't find anything to support this great reading UFO report - a great READ already reposted by the FIVE sites below at the minimum
I also saw the story already on UFO Forums too. Oh, one more time I searched for TJC - and Tyler indeed has a Jr. College - and about that Chemistry teacher who had the pictures taken? Well, that was over 35 years ago - the present staff is below:

Our Faculty

You can link to faculty biographies on the right hand side.
  • Mr. Larry Cook
  • Dr. Byron Howell
  • Dr. David Hyatt
  • Mr. Robert Root
  • Dr. James Rozell
  • Dr. Idalia Trent
  • Mr. Rodney Whetzel
Short URL to this page:
So, I then sent an e-mail to the head of the Chemistry Dept to see if this was ever a teacher at TJC.
I never got a reply.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2000 - 12 Year Old Sees Football Shaped Wobbling Craft From 100 Feet Away (MUFON Report)

Pretty good account... except how in the world does he not go into the size of the craft? And, if he was 12 he knows the approx year, right?

Unfortunately my dates and times are not accurate. This was about 15 years ago, however this event has profoundly changed my opinion of what reality on earth may be. I never got around to reporting it, because at that time, hell, I was only 12. I was sitting in the driveway waiting for my mom to take me to hockey practice I'm the afternoon sometime. Suddenly out of my right eye I feel a flash of light(may have been reflecting the sun). I glance over and I see a solid black/gray football shaped craft emerging from the woods and rocking while banking towards the next group of wooded area. From where I was sitting the craft was less than 100 feet away from me in broad daylight and clear skies.

It appeared like a football on its side with the top and bottom hemispheres slightly off center. It had what almost looked like black corrugated tubing stretching from front to back of the craft. Another part about the instance that I have to express is the movement of the craft. As soon as the bright flash happened I'm not sure if the being controlling the craft was startled or lost control, but the way how it rocked while it was banking made me believe that whatever piloting it had an "oh crap" moment. If there was a person inside it, surely it would have vomited from the rocking. Maybe it was autonomous. That's the only reason why I bring up the movement. It may have been some sort of drone. Ours? Maybe. It had no wings or visible engine and was absolutely silent.

Maineville used to be pretty rural at that time, it headed towards what used to be a farm. I only saw it for about 30 seconds but the 30 seconds has been burned into my head for quite some time. I wish I had accurate time and dates. Maybe someone else saw this. I've never seen any other ufo report about anything like what I saw. Trust me since I was 12 I've been obsessed with this. I've researched everywhere and watched countless videos trying to find a match of what I saw, which now leads me to reaching out to others. I know what I saw. I saw it close and in broad daylight. You can't tell me it was a blimp, it was less than 100 feet away from me. This was real. If a sketch is needed, I'll do my best.
No sketch was submitted - I can't really remember a `football shape' before but a small percentage of UFOs display the `falling leaf' or `rocking' phenomena.
Did you know that I often feature the stories here on my Subreddit?
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1970 - `UFO's' Have Firefight Over Prince Edward Island

In the summer of 1970 I was camping with my family in the National Park on the north shore of PEI. I noticed strange bright lights in the sky. It was noon / early afternoon with a clear sky. This area was a 'normal' dogfight practice area for CFB Summerside fighter planes. At first I didn't realize what I was seeing but the RCMP officer I was chatting with at the time also witnessed this strange phenomenon. He radioed immediately and reported what we both witnessed. It was the weirdest sight I'd ever seen. No noise, no sound of any kind, just two tiny objects way up in the sky, firing at each other. Within 10 minutes both objects just 'broke away' from the fire fight and one disappeared in one direction and the other disappeared into the other direction. We were standing in the parking lot, near the stairs to the beach. When I joined my friends on the beach, none of them had noticed it as none of them were looking at the sky at the time.

A few days later I asked the RCMP officer if he had heard back and he said, "we didn't see it, we didn't see anything". We just looked at each other and as he was a newly graduated RCMP officer on his first posting, he wasn't going to make waves and no-one would believe a 15 year old girl.

It was the strangest sight I'd ever seen, and I knew it was not from this planet. This was during the cold war and I wasn't dumb enough to think the USSR and the USA had such advanced weaponry. Balls of light moving so fast at each other, so rapidly, and then the unbelievable speed at which both UFOs disappeared, was just mind boggling to me and to that young RCMP officer.
The old `official denial' of the orb incident.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1967 - Howe Caverns New York - Missing Time, Fear, And More!

 A loss of rationality.... a refusal to talk about..... missing time.... part of the course..... 
My best friend and I were returning to Long Island from Expo 67 in Montreal Canada. It was late and we knew we would never make it so we decided to stop along the way. We saw a billboard advertising Howe Caverns and we decided to go there for the night and then visit the caves in the morning. It was Labor Day weekend and it was Saturday night. We followed the signs into the parking lot of the caverns. It was about 11-11:15 at night. We were young foolish kids and didn't have much money so we decided to sleep in the car. It was a white 1961 Chevy Impala. We were the only car in the lot and I remember saying, "let's park in a corner so if we oversleep I don't want people looking in the windows"
I parked the car , in such a way , that I backed against a hill declining away from the car. The trunk overhung the start of the decline. You basically couldn't stand behind the car. I parked with the passenger doors also at the edge of the lot. I remember saying, "at least the car is protected from passerbyes on 2 sides...the rear and passenger side. I was in the front seat and my friend Bill was in the rear seat, ready to go to sleep. We locked the doors. I laid down with my head where the passenger would sit and Bill was the same way in the rear. Since it was pitch black, I had my eyes closed. Bill, then calmly said "look at the lights in the trees". I said, "s**t, it's probably the sheriff, he saw our car lights come up here and we are going to be caught". That was the last rational comment made for several hours. Now, first you must know the dynamics between Bill and I. Best friends from 7th grade, we were now juniors in college. He went to N Y Maritime College, and I went to Hofstra University. He was always better than me in every sport we tried, from skiing to tennis. He could run faster, swim better and do more pushups than me. I always felt "safe" around him. I knew I could count on a stronger, more rational guy to protect me. Well, he suddenly started screaming, almost berserk like, at me to "get away, drive away". He kept shouting, "THEY'RE BEHIND US, THEY'RE OVER THE CAR". For a few seconds I didn't respond in a scared manner. I remember thinking that its just the cops. In seconds I slowly started to react. An intense light was shining in my eyes. Even though they were still closed, I could see the reds and harsh whites of light....and at the same time, Bill was sitting up and pounding on the seat and me to get up and go. I never saw him like this, and I was now reacting to his fear. I opened my eyes and he was climbing into the front seat..I told him calm down, I'll drive away. The car's interior was lit up like day, yet it was pitch black outside. I realized the light was coming in from the rearview window. I thought that strange, since nothing could be behind us. I saw the keys on the dashboard, I put them in the ignition, he was next to me, and I calmly drove away. When we reached the main road, there were no signs of any cops. I stopped, and remember saying, "let's get a motel". I turned left and drove not more than a mile and we came across an old motel. I pulled into the lot and saw that it was almost 3:30 and said "it's crazy to pay for a room for a few hours, let's sleep in the car. Bill calmly said 'OK', and I remember saying, "let's put up something to block the windows so the lights don't get us" We calmly went to sleep, not discussing what just happened or even realizing 3 hours went by. We awoke around 8, and took the maps out of the windows, that we used to block the "lights" and went up to the caverns. I went back to that parking spot and we looked around and couldn't understand anything that happened. We shrugged it off, toured the caverns, and around noon headed to Long Island. Nothing about last night was was like we couldn't rationalize it. It was a blur. An aside about me...I am the hysterical one, I react to things, I can get out of control in a flash...and yet that night I was the calm one and Bill was the screamer. Anyway, I dropped him home and then went to my house. We both still lived with our parents. When I walked in the house, my father was watching T V and on the coffee table was Newsday, Long Islands newspaper. The headlines screamed at me..."U F O'S sighted over upstate New York....I rushed to the phone to call Bill...He answered, and I said "did you see the paper?" He was shaken and said ,"yes"...I said, "what happened, what did we see?" He refused to talk about it..He wouldn't answer me. For 35 years we lost contact. When we finally did reconnect, he was married and living in Oceanside, California. I was living in the Hudson Valley. I asked him about that night in 1967, and his voiced changed and wouldn't even acknowledge what I was asking. He died in 2005. I am still left with untold answers of what happened that night. Now for the real "crazy" stuff. I am almost afraid to write this because it is so bizarre...I had incidents like this in 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007. I often thought , what happened in 1957 , when I was 9 years old? Well, I remember waking up one morning, we lived in Flushing NY, and I had an object imbedded under my skin on my right thigh. I showed my mother. It was clearly under the skin, yet there was no mark, cut or pain. She looked at it and said, "you must have stuck a pencil point into your leg. don't worry ,it will go away" . I remember thinking I didn't do that, besides that would hurt. It took about 6-8 months to "disappear" into my thigh. If I coughed, my mother had the doctor there, yet she was absolutely unconcerned about this object in my leg. It resembled a lead pencil point, with a dull tip. In 1977, in California, in 1987, in the Hudson Valley, in 1997, in NYC and in 2007, in the Hudson Valley, other "incidents" occurred. I am now 66, I have seen all the shows about abductions, missing time implants, etc...and would like an answer. I am not seeking publicity and am quite embarrassed about all this. People laugh when I tell them, they ridicule and tease. Let me tell you, the fear is overwhelming, like I have never felt. Thank you for reading this. And yes, I saw the "greys"....How sick does that sound?
Now, are you ready for today's kicker to the story?
I too had (still have) SOMETHING embedded under my skin that I always thought was a pencil point that I had broke off at a liquor store with my dad as a child.... last year, he says... it never happened.... 
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Strange UFO Stories From The 1900's

One of the things I like to monitor and point out is the changing nature of the personal UFO perception experience through time... all of these stories are from the Ken Pfeifer website and I screen these for the best tidbits for you....
red is my emphasis



1958   CYPRUS

I was a soldier serving in Cyprus in 1958. Myself, a subaltern officer and a driver had visited an internment camp for EOKA men in the Troodos mountains.  After we had made our visit we continued along the dirt track road in the Landrover until the road became hazardous. Whilst the driver turned the vehicle around the officer stretched his legs and I climbed up the steep side of the trackside towards a clump of bushes to use the bathroom.  As I arrived at the bushes, which were about four feet high, I looked over and saw that they were on the ridge of a hollow.  About twenty five feet away in the opposite side of the hollow two figures were bending over and looking intently at a boulder.  They both stood up and looked directly at me. The striking thing about them was that they were both very white in appearance, as if wax, with very little features.  I could only see the upper part of them and they appeared to have eyes and what I thought was their head had no neck but seemed to be part of their body.  They just stood and stared at me; I turned and rushed down to the vehicle and urged the driver to leave immediately. I did not tell either of my companions what I had seen because I could make no logical conclusion for what it might have been.  Those things, whatever they might have been, looked nothing like the images we see of aliens and if they had been, they would most certainly have challenged me.

Note that this is from the UFO Casebook - I will be doing an interesting report about `old' UFO casebook reports soon at UDCC. Needless to say, the reports change with repeated tellings.



3 years ago, my uncle (my father's brother) passed away. He lived in Lansing, Michigan at the time. I was born and lived in Lansing until I moved to West Lafayette, Indiana for college. After I graduated, I moved to Arizona (where I currently reside).  A few weeks after my uncle passed away, I received a package from the executor of my uncle's estate. The contents included several personal items that had belonged to my father and a large envelope with several photographs from the 1960's. Most of the photos where of my father & uncle at various hunting camps. The envelope also contained a letter written by my uncle for me. There was no date, but I could tell he had written it. Here is the exact content in the letter:   Please forgive me for not telling you this in person. I never knew how to explain what happened. In 1966, not long after you were born, your dad, a guide and I were in North Bay, Ontario moose hunting. We had been out in the forest for almost 6 hours and were making our way back to the cabin. It was dusk and it started to become dark quickly.  As we got nearer to the cabin, we could hear strange whirling sounds coming from the direction we were heading. I was now dark, and we could see a bright green light was shining above the cabin. We stopped walking and watched the light as it slowing circled about 50 ft. above the cabin. The light was oblong in shape. I could not judge the size since there was an aura around it. The swirling sound continued also.  The next thing we remember was waking up in our cabin bunks the next morning. All of us had sharp pain around our ears and eyes. We couldn't explain what had happened to us. We packed our gear and headed for home as soon as we could.  By the time we reached Lansing, your Dad was terribly ill. Your Mom rushed him to the hospital that same night. The doctor said he had the flu, but I knew better. I didn't suffer any effects. The guide was OK also.  Your Dad was in the hospital for four days and started to feel better, but he was really never the same.
The strange UFO stories are starting to add up - dig into the archive for much more.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Collection Of Amazing UFO Statements - Part 3 - The 1900's

Got so many in the bin it's a bit of a crime... let me try to get a few more out today:
All of these are from Ken Pfeifer (who often is also using some other UFO websites content and linking to it - I will provide that `other link' when it's not to Ken's website which you see at the top of this first report. Oh, I will ONLY be using the crux of these reports - trying often to isolate a particular attribute of the UFO phenomena observed.)

......I was 16, I came home from playing basketball with a few of my friends around 12:30 am. My whole family was on a cruise so I had the house to myself. I ate, took a shower then went into my bedroom. I got into my bed and was sitting with my back against the wall. All of a sudden my bed started shaking. Eventually it was basically jumping around only having. One foot on the floor at a time. This lasted for about 15-20 seconds then just stopped. To be honest I was really scared at this point. I thought it was just a ghost even though I don't really believe in them. about 10-15 seconds after my bed stopped shaking I turned to my right and saw two aliens staring thru my window. My bedroom was on the second floor. outside my window their was a roof for the first floor deck. That is what they were standing on. They were about 3 1/2 tall. one was about 3"-4" taller than the other. When I first turned to look at them I immediately locked on to the ones eyes. I looked at them for only about 15 seconds. Then I turned to my left and looked at my bedroom door which was closed. The bottom of my door was a little too short so their was a gap at the bottom. I had left my hallway light on so light was coming thru the bottom. I saw two pairs of legs step to my door and just stand there. My reaction was to throw my blankets over my head. I remember being under the blanked for about 20 seconds. The next thing I remember is waking up in my living room the next morning. Two days after I thought I saw a shooting star. I watched it come across the sky. Then it stopped right above me in the middle of the sky and stayed there for 30-40 seconds. It was far away. Then in a blink of an eye it shot across the other half of the sky. .....I started looking for help with abduction online about two years ago. I came across a women who had the same story about the scar and burning sensation. She said her tailbone was removed. I was absolutely shocked to read that. My girlfriend felt around and said my tailbone was not there.
This was a long articulate report and yet he NEVER describes the aliens other than their height? Seems a bit less credible to be without that. 1996 was the year Lansdale PA. Generally in all honesty I dismiss `bedroom' encounters as something very different from outside events.
Another Report Is Below
(A series of UFO on the ground sightings in the UK in the 1950's - none with observed aliens.)
 Linda Piper.

.....Mr Maynard was 15 at the time and was working as a labourer on a building site in nearby Streamway.  He remembers the incident vividly.  "We were on our lunch break when we heard something was happening in King Harold's Way. So we went up there to have a look. "This thing had landed in the roadway. It took up the whole width of the road and overlapped onto the pavements.  "It wasn't on the ground, it had about eight massive suckers. The centre was still, but the outer rim was spinning slowly and it had white lights flashing, like a camera flash," he recalled.  "There were about 30 of us staring at it. We could hear it humming.  "It had what looked like windows but the glass was concave and moulded together so you couldn't see in. A couple of us went forward to try and touch it and it began to spin faster.  "Then it lifted slowly off the ground and hovered above our heads, tilting slightly."  The craft moved slowly until it was over Bedonwell Primary School, where it stayed for about a minute, then shot up into the sky and disappeared.  Mr Maynard, whose 16-year-old brother also saw the craft said: "It was black, sleek and streamlined with a surface like polished metal. It was very fine and beautiful. It certainly wasn't a prank." ..........Mr Fairman, from Bexleyheath, says he saw a very similar craft with his pal Roy Beadle three years before, in 1952.   They were out walking Ray's dog at an old farmstead in Bexleyheath known as The Warren (now the Warren Road area).   "It was late afternoon. We had just come home from Bexleyheath School and we had Ray's young border collie with us. We saw it come down and hover about 18ft above the ground. There was no noise at all. We threw ourselves down on the ground and watched it. The dog which was young and usually lively, lay down between us. We lost all track of time.  "It was about 20 or 30ft wide, with terrifically bright white lights underneath. It looked very similar to the drawing in your September 4 issue. Then it shot off and disappeared from view before you could click your fingers.
Those 1950's space craft certainly picked easy to spot locations with real objects, right?
My 2011 Interviews With A Shaman
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Collection Of Amazing UFO Statements - Part Two - Stories From The 1900's

Once again, I continue with only the best material sent to me by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON..... ready?
Myself and a now deceased friend were out cruising on a back country road somewhere between Laurel and Connersville, Indiana.  We had stopped to use the restroom.  After getting out of the truck my friend said look a flying saucer pointing to a light in the sky.  I had just finished my tour of duty with the U.S.A.F.Security Police and trying to impress him and started to explain why it was not a UFO.  Both of us became in grossed in watching the light that travelled from one side of the horizon to the other.  First that night there was dead silence, one of those nights were sound travels.  We could hear cars in the distance but see no lights anywhere.  The object that passed over made no sound.  A helicopter or light planes engine should have been heard as it passed by us.  The object seemed to move to slow for a copter or plane it just seemed to drift slowly.  During the sighting my friend and I did not speak till the object was out of sight.  Afterwards we jumped back in the truck just sitting there being silent.  My friend then looked at me and said when that thing passed by the moon did you see a (and before he could finish I said a dome).  My friend then got two sheets of scrap paper and said draw what you saw and I'll do the same.  The drawing were almost exactly the same except the angle of view.  After this we discussed this just a little trying to figure out the one diffence on the objects lights.  We then went home and all thought we always got together every week we never spoke to anyone else about our experience not friend nor lover or co-workers.  It was not for fear of ridicule, we just shut up about it for at least a year.  At this point it sounds like an average report until one night while rehashing the incident together we both realized that we saw the object from a distance that was to far away to see all the details we described and both drew on the paper.  And to this day I have been haunted by this experience.  It never goes away for any length of time.  I've always want to be regressed to relive the experience.  Gentleman I have to sign off for now.  I am at work using their computer.  I know this report is almost forty years old but its like yesterday to me.  Last but not least I was a trained observer in USAF since then I've worked for two local police organizations.  
Your mind got room for one more? This one and the above, evidently, sourced from Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters.... used by Ken and sent to me. In a sense Ken is a first filter and then myself.


NOVEMBER 1975   ......   NEW JERSEY

I was a 10 year old child. At that time, I was going through a late bed-wetting phase and remember I was determined to end that embarrassment. I awoke for the second or third night in time to relieve myself and remember being happy and proud that I caught it in time again.  As my eyes creaked open slightly I saw movement in the room and at least what I thought were kids in my room moving around. I remember thinking that the only thing they could steal of any value was my prized small black & white TV, that was on my dresser next to my bed. As you can imagine at this time my heart was pounding through my chest and just wanted them to take the TV and leave. I creaked my eyes open ever so slightly as not to be noticed and was shocked to realize that they were whole heads.  I can’t really express my thoughts of that instant realization when I saw who was really in the room at that time other than how in a nanosecond I went from (There’s no such things as aliens-to-Oh, my GOD there real-to-What do they want). At that time there was no such things as “Greys” or anything similar to what has been so defined into pop culture today.  Being early November there was a harvest moon and I had a fairly large picture window in my room which lead to some fair amount of ambient room lighting which I shared with my 5 year old brother who slept in a adjacent bed next to mine.  During this event I was creaking my eyes open enough as not to be noticed, laying on my back when I woke up and my bed covers were at my waist. ALL I wanted was to get my bed cover up to my head so I was ever so slowly and methodically creeping them up during this entire event. As not to be noticed. There was a larger one that stood against the wall directly across from the foot of my bed that just stared at me. There was another knelt down on the opposite side of my brothers bed and what I thought at the time was that he was doing something to his arm.  I my head at the time my mind was reeling, my parents room was directly behind me and if I screamed my father would come running in. I remember thinking that the one next to my brother I was taller than and equated him to being in “my grade” remember I was 10. So if he came over to me my big plan was to jump up and dive on him and scream for my dad. The one against the wall just standing there. I remember as being a grade or two older than me and he would probably do something before my dad to get in.  I remember thinking I could end the whole debate that are we alone in the universe and the weight of that thought being succumbed to he’s killing my brother and not being able to muster the internal strength to do something. My next thought was that if he comes over to me he can’t put a needle in me so I started to tear up and that diffused my sight to what was happening in the room.  Then the one that was knelt next to my brother got up and came at me, pure horror as my eyes were teared and he rounded my brothers bed and in one motion knelt down on his right knee and in one motion opened his tool kit and kind of flipped and twisted his left wrist and reached in. At that very moment I couldn’t hold it anymore and thought needle! and I made a audible pre-cry whale. The face that the creature made still haunts me today. Honesty. It’s the same face people make when they make a surprise mistake a “eek I did something embarrassing” facial expression. His mouth was just a slit so when he made that expression his face rippled and wrinkled like a old man. Immediately whatever he was taking out of his box which was a really weird shape then but not now, it was (Hexagonal with a diagonal opening and handle) put it back in got up and they marched out. Again another part of this is memory that has crept me out is how they moved like the military and moved or better said marched out of my room. I was shocked and with unreal timing as I looked down the hallway when they passed my parents room two more came out and filed in line which such precision and marched down the hall and all turned down the stairs out of my sight.  Again I must stress the timing was if they were one. Needless to say I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. My younger brother was fine in the morning, and no one in my family knew anything of the nights event. I lived near a large metropolitan area at the time and our house was the only house surrounded by 260 acres of woods. I only told a handful of people since then and find it very difficult and seriously doubt many of these accounts I read of abductions myself. Ironic isn’t it. They were very, very real, and I wish I dreamed it but I didn’t.  My impression then and my life of the events of that night is that these beings are cold and indifferent to us, basically they are not our enemies but most certainly aren’t our friends. There might be a very good reason our government has kept this secret for so long.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

IMO the best way to think of many UFO experiences and phenomena is the experiencing of an alternative perceptual timeline to the environment.... these creatures, entities, (aliens) can be thought of as `things' of another `space'.
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Collection Of Amazing UFO Statements - Part One - Stories From The 1900's

I know, I know... you've been neglected here and it's not like there haven't been an abundance of stories of an UFO nature to share... getting them here is the problem.... so, today's post will be the best of the various posts made by Ken Pfeifer on his site... but, I'm only going to bring you the BEST part of each UFO tale.... Ready?


.....Ironically, we were talking about UFOs and aliens when the sighting occurred. Not too long after James and I were on the phone a large craft became visible from behind the left of the tree line across the street. Whatever it was, it was moving extremely slow, I'm guessing approx. 5 miles per hour. It was a black triangle. Yes, I know how cliche this is, but it is what it is however, here's something that isn't cliche. The triangle was moving backward. Backward! At the time I wasn't, but I'm now an electrical engineer. I graduated top of my class from one of the best engineering departments in the country. I've worked with NASA. I've been weightless aboard a modified C9-B aircraft. I almost went to work for Lockheed Martin as a ballistic missiles systems engineer. The point I'm trying to make is that I now understand principles required for flight. I understand the dynamics involved and I know, without a fraction of a doubt, what I saw that night. Here's the thing - It wasn't an airplane. It wasn't a balloon. It wasn't anything that I've ever seen... and I've looked, extensively. It also wasn't conforming to any conventional methods of flight. Period. This thing used something else entirely. Nothing that big can move that slow without utilizing a different technology altogether. The craft continued on an easterly path. Its course never shifted, nor did its speed. I was able to examine the craft for at least 3-8 minutes. Closely too! The craft had two red lights and one white, systematically-blinking light. Each light was in one corner of the UFO. The white light was at the back, or what I'm going to refer to as the top of the UFO. The "tail" light blinked about every second or so - when it did blink, I could make out ridges, or lines running perpendicular to the "base" of the craft, well almost to the "base," it was very large, so that light didn't illuminate the entire side of the craft  about 1/2-3/4 of it Id say. There weren't any other noticeable features. It wasn't shiny, as I recall the ridges texture resembled something like that of a spray-in bed liner for pickup trucks.
I have  feeling the above individual has a bit more to the story perhaps.... classic Neighborhood UFO sighting, except for backward motion.



This incident happened to me over 30 years ago, but still do remember crystal clear as if it just happened yesterday. At the time of the incident, October 28, 1978, I was a 13 year old boy living in New Jersey, basically a small town with-in Middlsex County, N.J. and in close proximity to Exit #9 of The N.J.Turnpike, which has its own U.F.O Sighting Story to tell regardless of my own personal experience or encounter so to say. My house was located on a fairly long street, but was situated only 3 houses away from a dead end street. However, this dead end street was also the start of a large park. This public park was filled with slides, swings, a basket ball court and a baseball field, all of which was semi-encompassed by a large section of woods. My house backed up to an old cemetery. . I was standing at the very edge of the woods and the street when I noticed lights coming through the trees, in search light fashion. At first I thought the police were in the woods trying to catch the older teens partying, which they would do from time to time. However, very quickly. I then realized that these searching flood lights were shining down from the tops of the trees. I thought "Cool!" must be a helicopter flying low and was fully expecting to hear the rumble sound of the helicopter at any moment as it got closer. * What I witnessed next, I will never forget for the rest of my life. Appearing directly above me was a UFO, literally skimming the tree line at a height of approximately 70 feet. This was something I knew immediately on sight was not of this world! The rectangular front end of the craft broke the tree line and came to a stop directly above me at the hard edge of the woods. The craft had been traveling very slowly up to its stopping point and was now hovering still. I can remember the shock and mouth dropping awe of looking up at this large craft and being scared. Not initially scared of the fact that this was unquestionably a UFO, but scared that this large craft was basically on top of me. I would say the width was no more than 50-60 across, height at about 15-20 and overall length, guessing 30. The sky around it seem to be swallowed up with its presence. Very bright search lights, white in color, scanned the ground back and forth, as well as me below. Yet as close as thiss UFO was to me, so on top of me as it was, it was hard to get an overall great view of all of the technical details of the craft with its flood lights shinning back and forth in a precise up tempo cris cross pattern sporadically stopping dead in its tracks basically shining right in my face, blinding me momentarily as it did. The lights would come briefly together before fanning out again. When the lights would fan outwards, I could make out some definite details and see much better of what was hovering silently above me. The over all shape of the craft was very rectangular in design. Much like, on a very small scale of course in regards to its shape, picture a cigarette box.. With the longest side of the cigarette box being its front and rear and the shorter ends of a cigarette box doing justice in representing its right side as was presented me or the view afforded me while viewing the over-all dimensional shape of this craft. There was an impressive mix of white and blue lights fixed to the bottom center of the craft and along its right side for sure, that were on and off, blinking in a steady stobe-like fashion. The search lights kind of had like a separate life of their own, in their constant even paced, criss -crossed or back and forth motion when compared to their strobe-like counter parts that were blinking beneath the bottom of the craft.  There may have been white and blue blinking lights that graced the bottom left side of the craft, just as it did the bottom right side of the craft as it does seem that it would make sense after all, but I really couldn't make them out as far as if they were there for sure.  Getting back to speaking of its over all general shape in resembling the proportional dimensions of a huge hovering cigarette box type shape.  The front end of the craft was flat faced and not very tall in its over-all stature. It appeared to be lined with rectangular shaped transparent back-lit white style windows. They really did strike me as your every day typical looking office windows. I say this because of the way the light was emanating from behind these square glass panes, after all they gave me the impression of looking up at an office building at night or as if seeing lights left on in office rooms. There was definately a perception of depth behind those squares, indicating to me these were indeed rooms. From my view, I couldn't see on top of the craft or the left side so well. The craft color, over all, was flat black or matte black, not shiny at all. Even tho I was standing beneath it, the UFOs back end was still out of my view at this point, still obscured partially by the trees that it was hovering silently over. My brother had been about 30 yards away, still down in the woods. He said he heard me screaming for him.  He barely made it to the edge of the woods, when without warning the craft took off. In doing this, I once again witnessed another phenomena, not of this world and if it doesn't qualify as breaking the law of physics. I swear to God, it certainly does comes close! The abrupt departure was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life and to explain it in writing? I definitely will not do it any justice in explaining it to you at all, but I will try my best. The craft left abruptly without any warning or sound. The air around me became stone silent as the craft suddenly shot forward at an absolutely incredible rate of speed. I could only see a white/blue light craft lights from the tail end of the craft as it left. The craft seemed to shrink in size before my very eyes in like a second. Before leaving my view completely the craft came to a stop tho for like a split second, made an unbelievably quick 90 degree left turn and shot off in the new left hand direction as if riding on rails. The whole departure was less than 2 seconds from start to finish and was the last I have ever seen of this craft or anything quite like it.  The next day, my brother went to talk to the Police Chief who just so happened to live right across the street from me to tell him what we saw the night before. He said someone did phone in a UFO sighting to the Police Station that night and over the next few weeks over 30 such calls had come in. Maybe you would have known what to do or how to properly handle this truly remarkable event. For what ever reason, I am witness. A reluctant one, but a witness never the less. It is something quite unique and amazing. Like winning a million dollars but afraid to spend it or tell anyone you won it!    This case is presently under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey. Special thanks to the witness Bill Murphy from South River New Jersey.

Thanks to
As those of you know who follow these Neighborhood reports .. the times they hover overhead is stunning in this case the extreme search light event.... the complexity of the lighting and visuals on these phenomena is remarkable.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

UFOs Outside The Mental Hospital

Oh, it doesn't get much stranger than this folks... from inside a 2010 mental ward.... a report you will not forget easily... from the latest MUFON reports of March 22nd - the location, New Hampshire:
(the above is the full MUFON link - a few comments by me after the report you see below)
red is my emphasis
After learning about the "Illuiminati"/ "Secret government", it scared me so much that I had a mental breakdown and was put in a mental ward. I was later diagnosed schizophrenia. I must say though, being in this hospital. I was getting a weird vibe that it was somehow connected to NASA. I met people my age (20) who seemed to me to be "special" in their own right. I later connected this to the movie Akira, which depicts Super Solider Children that have god like powers that save the world. After realizing I had found something much bigger than the illuminati or other conspiracies I had an UFO experience. I was in the hospital for about a month and after being in there two weeks, seeing new people come and go, one night before going to bed I wanted to look at the stars. I sat on my bed and looked outside. There were court yard lights in the courtyard in the middle of the hospital so it was hard to see the stars. I turned away from the window thinking I wouldn't see any stars. For some reason I looked back to the stars and I noticed there were 3-6 white glowing things in the sky. being a long time star observer i noticed these lights were in out atmosphere and were too close to the ground to be stars. They must of been 500 ft off the ground. Not making any noise not moving. Another weird thing i did without thinking, I closed my eyes, and immediately after closing my eyes, I saw what looked like crop circle IMAGES. What I saw was a black background with white detailed of the picture. Not so much a outline but the part of the picture that had information was white. Not painful at all total silent. They showed me 6-9 images, one being a swastika. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I opened my eyes and looked out the window with my heavy breathing. The objects were closer to the ground now they were over the tree tops. I still couldn't make out if they were orbs or UFOS or if it was light coming off the UFOs but they looked like glowing lights. A man who was doing room checks then came in to see me and i almost jumped through the roof. I screamed and yelled at him, "They're outside!!!!!" He looked at me and said, " We Know… Try to sleep…" He left and I jumped back on my and looked out the window. The objects moved from over the treetops to about 1-2 miles into the sky and were hard to see. they had stayed in perfect formation. They were in a line. Going from left to right. This reminded me of the big dipper.
Other than my standard warning about disinfo agents - this is an interesting account about the deep rabbit hole that one can dig when encountering `BS' about unknown subjects... like the Illuminati crappola.
Strange UFO Stories - and over a dozen more in the archive to consume. Thanks for your readership - why not bookmark and return?
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1919 Goose Pond Woods Tennesse - Orb Light Follows Family Group After Being Beckoned

Wow, the headline on this one says it all really - but, it's still worth your one minute read. From the MUFON Reports of Jan. 15th 2014:
There is a place in our county they call the GOOSE POND WOODS, this story is the story that my mother handed down to me and all our cousins, as she had four sisters and the all were walking home from church in the years of 1919-1921....these woods have long been a haunting place as locals have said that horses would not travel through at night. It is said that one of the girls said "lord send us a light" and a large white light came down over the top of the trees and followed them all the way home.. the light was so bright you could have seen to pick up a needle my mother told me...I just wanted to put this on record because this was before planes, all my cousins know this tale from beginning to end...tks [Name removed/cms/tg]
Be careful of what one asks for, right? As is quite often the case, we have another example of the Orb phenomena not only `actualizing' upon demand - but - also displays the `following' phenomena that is also reported upon occasion. A Classic Story.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Controlled Orb Watches Couple Watch It For 2 Hours - Then Ascends - Blum Texas 3/15/14 (Latest MUFON Reports)

As you all are getting a feel for probably about now - the REAL UFOs in our skies are Orbs. Seemingly these Orbs have many characteristics... one of which is to make the viewer think THEY are being watched too...... and other attributes... read the account below for more details:
(reported 3/20 to MUFON)
It was the early morning of March 15,2014. My husband and myself were camping on the Brazos river near Blum Texas. We were out doing some morning fishing. Right before getting out of the car I noticed a white light flying toward us. At first I thought it was an airplane so I didn't pay much mind to it. Then it stopped moving. It was flying low maybe 500 feet in the air and was a across the river from us. For almost two hours it stayed in the same area, moving only a little bit at a time. It would sway side to side, move up and then down. It was a single very bright white light, it was like the brightest star youve ever seen only this light was about 500 ft in the air. I told my husband that we had to wait until the sun came up to see what it would do. We had completely ditched fishing and just sat in the car gazing with curiosity and disbelief. We knew that not only where we watching this UFO, but that it was definitely watching us too. As the sun started to come up we watched it slowly ascend into the sky, in a straight line, and at a consistent speed. We video taped it and watched it ascend through the morning clouds until it was so far away we could no longer see it. We have video of it while it was still dark outside , when it started to ascend to space as the sun started to rise and we have video of it after the sun was up and you can still see it through the clouds. This was by far the weirdest experience of my life. I have had doubts about ufos and aliens but this affirmed it for me and now I am a true believer.
One has to wonder however why this compelling video was NOT uploaded...... Orbs, can make you a believer.
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