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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Collection Of Amazing UFO Statements - Part One - Stories From The 1900's

I know, I know... you've been neglected here and it's not like there haven't been an abundance of stories of an UFO nature to share... getting them here is the problem.... so, today's post will be the best of the various posts made by Ken Pfeifer on his site... but, I'm only going to bring you the BEST part of each UFO tale.... Ready?


.....Ironically, we were talking about UFOs and aliens when the sighting occurred. Not too long after James and I were on the phone a large craft became visible from behind the left of the tree line across the street. Whatever it was, it was moving extremely slow, I'm guessing approx. 5 miles per hour. It was a black triangle. Yes, I know how cliche this is, but it is what it is however, here's something that isn't cliche. The triangle was moving backward. Backward! At the time I wasn't, but I'm now an electrical engineer. I graduated top of my class from one of the best engineering departments in the country. I've worked with NASA. I've been weightless aboard a modified C9-B aircraft. I almost went to work for Lockheed Martin as a ballistic missiles systems engineer. The point I'm trying to make is that I now understand principles required for flight. I understand the dynamics involved and I know, without a fraction of a doubt, what I saw that night. Here's the thing - It wasn't an airplane. It wasn't a balloon. It wasn't anything that I've ever seen... and I've looked, extensively. It also wasn't conforming to any conventional methods of flight. Period. This thing used something else entirely. Nothing that big can move that slow without utilizing a different technology altogether. The craft continued on an easterly path. Its course never shifted, nor did its speed. I was able to examine the craft for at least 3-8 minutes. Closely too! The craft had two red lights and one white, systematically-blinking light. Each light was in one corner of the UFO. The white light was at the back, or what I'm going to refer to as the top of the UFO. The "tail" light blinked about every second or so - when it did blink, I could make out ridges, or lines running perpendicular to the "base" of the craft, well almost to the "base," it was very large, so that light didn't illuminate the entire side of the craft  about 1/2-3/4 of it Id say. There weren't any other noticeable features. It wasn't shiny, as I recall the ridges texture resembled something like that of a spray-in bed liner for pickup trucks.
I have  feeling the above individual has a bit more to the story perhaps.... classic Neighborhood UFO sighting, except for backward motion.



This incident happened to me over 30 years ago, but still do remember crystal clear as if it just happened yesterday. At the time of the incident, October 28, 1978, I was a 13 year old boy living in New Jersey, basically a small town with-in Middlsex County, N.J. and in close proximity to Exit #9 of The N.J.Turnpike, which has its own U.F.O Sighting Story to tell regardless of my own personal experience or encounter so to say. My house was located on a fairly long street, but was situated only 3 houses away from a dead end street. However, this dead end street was also the start of a large park. This public park was filled with slides, swings, a basket ball court and a baseball field, all of which was semi-encompassed by a large section of woods. My house backed up to an old cemetery. . I was standing at the very edge of the woods and the street when I noticed lights coming through the trees, in search light fashion. At first I thought the police were in the woods trying to catch the older teens partying, which they would do from time to time. However, very quickly. I then realized that these searching flood lights were shining down from the tops of the trees. I thought "Cool!" must be a helicopter flying low and was fully expecting to hear the rumble sound of the helicopter at any moment as it got closer. * What I witnessed next, I will never forget for the rest of my life. Appearing directly above me was a UFO, literally skimming the tree line at a height of approximately 70 feet. This was something I knew immediately on sight was not of this world! The rectangular front end of the craft broke the tree line and came to a stop directly above me at the hard edge of the woods. The craft had been traveling very slowly up to its stopping point and was now hovering still. I can remember the shock and mouth dropping awe of looking up at this large craft and being scared. Not initially scared of the fact that this was unquestionably a UFO, but scared that this large craft was basically on top of me. I would say the width was no more than 50-60 across, height at about 15-20 and overall length, guessing 30. The sky around it seem to be swallowed up with its presence. Very bright search lights, white in color, scanned the ground back and forth, as well as me below. Yet as close as thiss UFO was to me, so on top of me as it was, it was hard to get an overall great view of all of the technical details of the craft with its flood lights shinning back and forth in a precise up tempo cris cross pattern sporadically stopping dead in its tracks basically shining right in my face, blinding me momentarily as it did. The lights would come briefly together before fanning out again. When the lights would fan outwards, I could make out some definite details and see much better of what was hovering silently above me. The over all shape of the craft was very rectangular in design. Much like, on a very small scale of course in regards to its shape, picture a cigarette box.. With the longest side of the cigarette box being its front and rear and the shorter ends of a cigarette box doing justice in representing its right side as was presented me or the view afforded me while viewing the over-all dimensional shape of this craft. There was an impressive mix of white and blue lights fixed to the bottom center of the craft and along its right side for sure, that were on and off, blinking in a steady stobe-like fashion. The search lights kind of had like a separate life of their own, in their constant even paced, criss -crossed or back and forth motion when compared to their strobe-like counter parts that were blinking beneath the bottom of the craft.  There may have been white and blue blinking lights that graced the bottom left side of the craft, just as it did the bottom right side of the craft as it does seem that it would make sense after all, but I really couldn't make them out as far as if they were there for sure.  Getting back to speaking of its over all general shape in resembling the proportional dimensions of a huge hovering cigarette box type shape.  The front end of the craft was flat faced and not very tall in its over-all stature. It appeared to be lined with rectangular shaped transparent back-lit white style windows. They really did strike me as your every day typical looking office windows. I say this because of the way the light was emanating from behind these square glass panes, after all they gave me the impression of looking up at an office building at night or as if seeing lights left on in office rooms. There was definately a perception of depth behind those squares, indicating to me these were indeed rooms. From my view, I couldn't see on top of the craft or the left side so well. The craft color, over all, was flat black or matte black, not shiny at all. Even tho I was standing beneath it, the UFOs back end was still out of my view at this point, still obscured partially by the trees that it was hovering silently over. My brother had been about 30 yards away, still down in the woods. He said he heard me screaming for him.  He barely made it to the edge of the woods, when without warning the craft took off. In doing this, I once again witnessed another phenomena, not of this world and if it doesn't qualify as breaking the law of physics. I swear to God, it certainly does comes close! The abrupt departure was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life and to explain it in writing? I definitely will not do it any justice in explaining it to you at all, but I will try my best. The craft left abruptly without any warning or sound. The air around me became stone silent as the craft suddenly shot forward at an absolutely incredible rate of speed. I could only see a white/blue light craft lights from the tail end of the craft as it left. The craft seemed to shrink in size before my very eyes in like a second. Before leaving my view completely the craft came to a stop tho for like a split second, made an unbelievably quick 90 degree left turn and shot off in the new left hand direction as if riding on rails. The whole departure was less than 2 seconds from start to finish and was the last I have ever seen of this craft or anything quite like it.  The next day, my brother went to talk to the Police Chief who just so happened to live right across the street from me to tell him what we saw the night before. He said someone did phone in a UFO sighting to the Police Station that night and over the next few weeks over 30 such calls had come in. Maybe you would have known what to do or how to properly handle this truly remarkable event. For what ever reason, I am witness. A reluctant one, but a witness never the less. It is something quite unique and amazing. Like winning a million dollars but afraid to spend it or tell anyone you won it!    This case is presently under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey. Special thanks to the witness Bill Murphy from South River New Jersey.

Thanks to
As those of you know who follow these Neighborhood reports .. the times they hover overhead is stunning in this case the extreme search light event.... the complexity of the lighting and visuals on these phenomena is remarkable.
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