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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Controlled Orb Watches Couple Watch It For 2 Hours - Then Ascends - Blum Texas 3/15/14 (Latest MUFON Reports)

As you all are getting a feel for probably about now - the REAL UFOs in our skies are Orbs. Seemingly these Orbs have many characteristics... one of which is to make the viewer think THEY are being watched too...... and other attributes... read the account below for more details:
(reported 3/20 to MUFON)
It was the early morning of March 15,2014. My husband and myself were camping on the Brazos river near Blum Texas. We were out doing some morning fishing. Right before getting out of the car I noticed a white light flying toward us. At first I thought it was an airplane so I didn't pay much mind to it. Then it stopped moving. It was flying low maybe 500 feet in the air and was a across the river from us. For almost two hours it stayed in the same area, moving only a little bit at a time. It would sway side to side, move up and then down. It was a single very bright white light, it was like the brightest star youve ever seen only this light was about 500 ft in the air. I told my husband that we had to wait until the sun came up to see what it would do. We had completely ditched fishing and just sat in the car gazing with curiosity and disbelief. We knew that not only where we watching this UFO, but that it was definitely watching us too. As the sun started to come up we watched it slowly ascend into the sky, in a straight line, and at a consistent speed. We video taped it and watched it ascend through the morning clouds until it was so far away we could no longer see it. We have video of it while it was still dark outside , when it started to ascend to space as the sun started to rise and we have video of it after the sun was up and you can still see it through the clouds. This was by far the weirdest experience of my life. I have had doubts about ufos and aliens but this affirmed it for me and now I am a true believer.
One has to wonder however why this compelling video was NOT uploaded...... Orbs, can make you a believer.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Say What? New I-Phone `UFO' Communication In Brea California? (Latest MUFON Reports)

Within the past week I ran one of the very first MUFON links to suggest `communication' via `mobile devices' - it also was in California - I had the link on my UDCC blog. In that case a person was being repeatedly awaken in the night by their cellphone going off in a partial manner - to which they would awaken to a `scene' on their bedroom wall - and then saw the Orb/UFO outside their window (of which they asked the Orb for permission to photo it) - you can find that MUFON report Here.

Now, we have the report shown below - I Phone Communication With UFO MUFON Report Submitted 3/17 for the 3/12 event:
red is my emphasis
from orange county california: i see this new small orange bright star light every night the last few months. north east sky after 10 oclock when its dark. sometimes it sits stationary and sometimes it moves around like a little kid runs around. I communicated with it with my IPHONE for 1.5 hours and so did my little 9 year old son, through live video we gave it commands and it did what we asked it to do, though there was a small lag time in coms. but it was consistant. we do it alot. but it always goes back to its original location when its done goofing off. to the right(more south & down a few degrees) is a brighter orange star which i call the mothership. That never moves. but the child orange star is out of this galaxy obviously and has extreme light speed and stopping and turning ability, with no tail or blur. More active after midnight. i see it every night. kinda getting boring now, but UFON is happy to come over and observe with me what i see many times a week. Just to add the only thing that differs from its normal goofing off is the other night it came into our eyesight out of the black sky from the high west, then Encircled the earth 180 degrees from west to east and rested in its normal stationary location( high north east)took it about 30 seconds i would guess. but every night i go out and just watch for a while and it moves around then it will jog quick right then stop,then jog up and then stop then do circles, then jog back really quick. its awesome but really interesting.
Obviously, this report is about a `strange' as any normally encountered, yet, indeed, features of it are commonly reported too - such as Orb communication or seemingly so. Some folks seem to be able to call orbs into the sky or are witness on so regular a basis to think that a communication exists. But, indeed - actions of Orbs to commands are also reported such as an Orb splitting into two or multiple orbs and blinking and such. You can see such Orb Command at this link.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Helicopter Chases Ball Of Light On 3/12 In Anaheim California (Latest 3/15 MUFON Reports)

One of the very strangest things about so-called UFOs (Or Orbs) is that often the Orbs can be followed shortly afterwards by Military style helicopters..... and very rarely one gets a MUFON report such as this one... where the helicopter seems to be directly involved with the Unknown. What's going on here; is the government involved at some level with these occurrences; , how long was the helicopter following; or could the very `event' be a `total perception' of a temporal nature?

Anaheim, CA- Wed evening March 12, 2014 approximately 7:30 pm while sitting in the backyard looking south toward Katella Ave, I saw a bright-white star-like orb being followed or chased by a helicopter. The brightness of the orb initially caught my eye, then I noticed how fast the copter was following. Usually copters do not fly that fast. They both were travelling from west to east about 80 mph fast, straight and horizontal about 300 feet up. They were travelling parallel to Katella Ave from about Beach Blvd vicinity when I first noticed. I ran and got my binoculars and watched as they passed in front of me. The copter was close to it, maybe 50 feet behind and slightly above it about 30 degrees. I could see the copter. I could see the orb light, there was not a craft attached to it, just a bright sphere of light. The orb appeared to be no larger than the cockpit of the copter. As they continued on fast, straight and horizontal, the orb faded out around Harbor Blvd vicinity. The copter kept going until it was out of sight. 5 minutes later 2 loud military type helicopters flew by along the same path. There were many helicopters heard that night but I did not see any more strange flying lights. This orb was self illuminated and looked like a flying ball of light, not like an aircraft with a fuselage of any sort. Too bad I didn't get a video or anyone else at home to see it, it happened so fast!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Does Morning Meditation Bring Object Into View On 3/11 In Denver Colorado? (Latest MUFON Reports)

Or, is it that Rocky Mountain High.... sorry... I couldn't resist. Anyway, it's an articulate account of something seen in the morning daytime sky that seems to change shapes, perhaps.
Highlights shown below:
I was meditating in the morning at exactly 7:30 a.m. while looking out my bedroom window, which is on the 8th floor of a large apartment building, looking north when I saw it. Gradually, moving straight from left to right a reflective object, resembling a large weather balloon, only with a smoother surface and more apparent mass, slowly came into my vision. It was sphere-like, reflective, with an undulating surface. It was moving at what would seem to be about 10-20 mph, at a very even pace. It did not move up or down or change speed at all. In a perfectly level line, it progressed from northwest to southeast, about half a mile away from me....
  I ran inside to grab some binoculars so I could get a closer look. When I focused them on the object, it had a very bizarre appearance. It didn't look spherical anymore, rather it had the appearance of a stick and ball model of a water molecule from high school chemistry class. It had spherical sections of larger volume, connected with a kind of cylindrical scaffolding....
These `structured Orbs' have been more common over the last few years.... of course, TPTB have enabled drones to be a part of any daytime object discussion.
Please check out the archive for more - found in the sidebar - thanks.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wobbly Orange Object In California Morphs Into Silent Cylinder Of Fire - Latest MUFON Reports

I include this one on Strange UFO stories due to the multiple witnesses who were relatively close, the morphing, and the vanishing into a Green Rope Of Light.
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