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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Controlled Orb Watches Couple Watch It For 2 Hours - Then Ascends - Blum Texas 3/15/14 (Latest MUFON Reports)

As you all are getting a feel for probably about now - the REAL UFOs in our skies are Orbs. Seemingly these Orbs have many characteristics... one of which is to make the viewer think THEY are being watched too...... and other attributes... read the account below for more details:
(reported 3/20 to MUFON)
It was the early morning of March 15,2014. My husband and myself were camping on the Brazos river near Blum Texas. We were out doing some morning fishing. Right before getting out of the car I noticed a white light flying toward us. At first I thought it was an airplane so I didn't pay much mind to it. Then it stopped moving. It was flying low maybe 500 feet in the air and was a across the river from us. For almost two hours it stayed in the same area, moving only a little bit at a time. It would sway side to side, move up and then down. It was a single very bright white light, it was like the brightest star youve ever seen only this light was about 500 ft in the air. I told my husband that we had to wait until the sun came up to see what it would do. We had completely ditched fishing and just sat in the car gazing with curiosity and disbelief. We knew that not only where we watching this UFO, but that it was definitely watching us too. As the sun started to come up we watched it slowly ascend into the sky, in a straight line, and at a consistent speed. We video taped it and watched it ascend through the morning clouds until it was so far away we could no longer see it. We have video of it while it was still dark outside , when it started to ascend to space as the sun started to rise and we have video of it after the sun was up and you can still see it through the clouds. This was by far the weirdest experience of my life. I have had doubts about ufos and aliens but this affirmed it for me and now I am a true believer.
One has to wonder however why this compelling video was NOT uploaded...... Orbs, can make you a believer.
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