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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 25th 2015 - New Phoenix Lights... Scare Cats - With Pictures

Strange UFO Story

I was home sick with my cats. I live on the 2nd floor of Domus. I have been watching the drones in the area, so I was observing the sky from my balcony. My apartment is all windows on the balcony side. I came inside and was doing something when I 2 saw bright lights out my windows. I looked up and the "orbes" or headlights were heading toward me going North. They cruised over my building. All I saw were the bright lights and no aircraft. About 45 min later I saw it, or another one, up higher in the sky. It was heading West toward me. As it got closer wind started up. I was looking at it and taking photos and my eyes were burning and watering and tearing badly. I'm not sure if it was the super bright lights that bothered my eyes or what. As it came closer, it got lower, and again all I saw were the two lights which I thought were headlights but I couldn't see an aircraft. My cats began to freak out. It was super quiet outside, nobody out, and no traffic at around 5:30 am. When it got really close at 5:45 am, my youngest cat began to try to hide as if she was being chased, and was hiding under my glass tables on the balcony which is totally out of character! I had to pick her up and bring her inside. Something was so strange about it that I shut the door and blinds because my cats were so scared. Maybe they heard a noise from the thing that humans cannot detect? I took photos of the bright lights.
One of the strange pictures submitted to MUFON
(as with all pictures from MUFON in 2015 - I download them to my computer first as they tend to VANISH from MUFON)

More Pictures Below


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