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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Helicopter Chases Ball Of Light On 3/12 In Anaheim California (Latest 3/15 MUFON Reports)

One of the very strangest things about so-called UFOs (Or Orbs) is that often the Orbs can be followed shortly afterwards by Military style helicopters..... and very rarely one gets a MUFON report such as this one... where the helicopter seems to be directly involved with the Unknown. What's going on here; is the government involved at some level with these occurrences; , how long was the helicopter following; or could the very `event' be a `total perception' of a temporal nature?

Anaheim, CA- Wed evening March 12, 2014 approximately 7:30 pm while sitting in the backyard looking south toward Katella Ave, I saw a bright-white star-like orb being followed or chased by a helicopter. The brightness of the orb initially caught my eye, then I noticed how fast the copter was following. Usually copters do not fly that fast. They both were travelling from west to east about 80 mph fast, straight and horizontal about 300 feet up. They were travelling parallel to Katella Ave from about Beach Blvd vicinity when I first noticed. I ran and got my binoculars and watched as they passed in front of me. The copter was close to it, maybe 50 feet behind and slightly above it about 30 degrees. I could see the copter. I could see the orb light, there was not a craft attached to it, just a bright sphere of light. The orb appeared to be no larger than the cockpit of the copter. As they continued on fast, straight and horizontal, the orb faded out around Harbor Blvd vicinity. The copter kept going until it was out of sight. 5 minutes later 2 loud military type helicopters flew by along the same path. There were many helicopters heard that night but I did not see any more strange flying lights. This orb was self illuminated and looked like a flying ball of light, not like an aircraft with a fuselage of any sort. Too bad I didn't get a video or anyone else at home to see it, it happened so fast!

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