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Saturday, January 25, 2014

67 Year Old Kentucky Person Fesses Up To Lifelong Alien Abduction By Greys (Latest MUFON Reports)

IMO, these lucid dream states are probably hard to tell from the real thing for some folks. That said, the experience is very likely 'real' at some level of space. That multiple 'people' can go to the same lucid dream space is certainly within the realm of possibilities IMO.

(mufon link above)

Long Description of Sighting Report
I would like to be hypnotized,to find out if what I seem to 'dream',is actually happening.It began back in 1988,( as far as I know).It seems like I have been aboard a 'craft',several times,over the years,with the most recent being approximately 2 weeks ago.I lived in Georgia when it began happening.I now live in Kentucky and it's still going on.I've only told my
partner about this.These 'dreams' were true,concerning what happened to my (now deceased)husband,and my niece.Since this site can be read by the public-I decline to give specific details.But if someone from your research team contacts me,I'd be more than happy to share information.Also I would be willing to take a lie detector test-just to get to the bottom of this.I am now 67 years old,and finally have the nerve to talk to a professional about this.My family doesn't know what's been happening to me.
It would only be my word.But I can describe the insides of the crafts,that I really do believe I've been on.It has always been the 'grays',that I've seen.I was working on what appeared to be an assembly line,with them.I don't remember seeing any babies,however,it's possible that I did.I have seen many other humans,with me,in these dreams.I have awaken with my clothes,not put back on like I had them when I went to bed,and I 'saw' a gray standing by my bed,and I felt like I BELONGED to him,somehow.I used to dread going to bed when this first started,and as a result I started taking medicine to put me to sleep faster,becaude I could tell when they were coming.'I'll explain this to whomever I talk to.But over the years,I,somehow,lost that fear.I've also HEARD the humming of a craft leaving,after bringing me back.I will end this by asking for your help,to find out the truth.I have noticed that my every day memory,is getting worse.I also ALMOST constantly hear a sound in my right ear,that appears to be a s strange sound wave.( only way that I can describe it)Also,I did not keep dates and times,as I was too busy raising my children,taking care of my elder Mother,and working full time job.I just didn't tell anybody else about it.
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