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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What In The World? MUFON Reports - MULTIPLE Daytime Football Field Sized `Oil Barrel UFOs' - 12/7/13 San Antonio Texas

(reported 12/9)
red is my emphasis
I was looking out my front door when I saw something coming from the north. At first I thought it could be a bird. I kept watching as it slowly cam closer. It was soon apparent that it wasnt a bird so I stepped outside the front of my house and watch it approach. As it cam closer, I called my neighbor over to show her. We both watched for about 3 minutes as 6 objects floated by, slightly to the west of us. There were 4 elongated oil barrel shaped objects and 2 round object that were either much father away, or just much smaller. All 6 objects stayed in formation the entire time as they ever so slowly floated by, never wobbeling of changing position. As they floated by, they seemed to be gaining altitude and accended higher and higher until they dissapead behing the clouds. This took place during the day at about 1PM. They were about a mile high in the sky and as they passed they seemed to get higher and higher. This happed on 12/7/13. As the first elongated oil barrel looking object went by, it looked like some kind of vortex was surrounding it, however that could have been a trick of the eye, I dont know. Each elongated oil barrler objet looked as though they were at least a mile or more apart from each other, one behind the next. In between 1st and 2nd as well as the 3rd and 4th were 2 tiny round dark objects alsom traveling the same slow speed and also staying equidistant from one an other. The oil barrels ufos were on their side with their sides (or what would be their top and bottem if they were actual oil barrels) pointing east and west while they were floating South.Judging from the size, I would say each oil barrel objet was about the size of a football field. There was no noise, and no lights. I didnt want to move because I was hopping to see them excelerate or do something unusual, so I didnt get my camara. The entire thing lasted about 3 minutes.
Those of you who read my main UFO blog UDCC know that the San Antonio area is increasingly seeing the anomalous in the skies. As with any report - the obvious questions - especially on something as NON close and massive as this - SHOULDN'T THEIR BE MULTIPLE REPORTS AND THE MEDIA BEEN ON THIS? Remember, this blog is about strange UFO perceptions that LACK the so-called photo or video `proof' (that is never the proof anyways).
Hey, thanks for your readership of this new blog - bookmark and return again soon.

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