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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1964 Hovering Disk Numbs Mind - MUFON Reports

The Report
RED is my emphasis

At Grandparents home sleeping out back of house on cots with older Uncle (ten? years). Uncle said, "What is that?". That is when I saw it. A big disc shaped craft slowly spun counter clockwise, at about a hundred feet or so off the ground above the pine trees..It did reflect moon light in a dull sheen. But it had rows of ports or rectangle windows where bright colored lights would flash in my eyes dazzling my mind almost numbingly so. Just above the tree tops as it moved in a slow way from the North to south, flashing the lights in my eyes as it moved.
I do not remember anything more until a voice of Grandma Net asking, "Where is it at?". Like I had been in some kind of daze or,?? The UFO was not in sight any longer then. Funny thing is I was not the least bit afraid or startled by its presents? when I watched it I did not get out of my bed. But when I heard grandmas voice and was startled back to reality, I was not in the bed, I was seated beside it and do not remember getting out of bed and my PJs was not on me the way I had dressed for bed? I was very young a child of 7 or 8 maybe. Every time since I try to remember, its like it tries to make me forget? I have asked the other witness to speak out but only got no reply.

The above strange UFO story is in the latest MUFON Reports and was reported 12-1-13. What is interesting and the reason for being listed is the additional reluctance of others to confirm the event (lack of memory or wiping of memories is nearly common - as is `remembering something happening but differently') and his reported displacement of location during the event. The hovering `neighborhood UFO' experience. UFOs seem to have these impossible characteristics often and often seem to be interfering with normal consciousness structures.
(report highlights below, use link above for full report)
RED is my emphasis
......It looks like it rotates around with a flashing red light on the top, and when it rotates, there is like a black line down the middle, like it separates in half - almost like what an amoeba or a cell looks like when it divides, but then it seems to merge together again. 
Several days into this I felt the urge to talk to the thing, feeling pretty much nuts since I hadnt even believed in UFOs a few weeks ago. I said, "If we are communicating, then move." My husband was watching from another room and didnt hear me say that, but he yelled, "Hey, its moving!" It moved around like the point of an etch-a-sketch when you jiggle it around but it moved back to its original position.....
I have this on tape, but Im sort of nervous about posting it. The night after it happened I came home and there were two military helicopters circling our neighborhood for about two hours. Ive lived in this area for a long time and Im used to military air craft but I had never seen anything like that before. It rattled me, because I think they were looking for something and I think it had to do with the sightings..... 
As I watched, I compared the position of the stars to the trees that were stable and noticed that it seemed as if the stars were "off." Looking in this area made my eyes ache as if I were looking at a bright light but it was dark so it seemed weird that my eyes were hurting. As I watched to figure out what was going on, the edges of something huge and black were barely noticeable but the backdrop of stars would suddenly look normal as if something camouflaged had moved past them so I was seeing the real thing. Then I noticed that the "stars" were moving in concert with one another and then I thought that it might be some huge cloaked object with lights made to look like the stars -- maybe stealth technology? But there was absolutely NO noise and it was bigger than anything in the sky Ive ever seen. I dont know how close it was because there was really no reference point. If it were as high as a regular airplane flies, it is gigantic......
I finally broke down and got some binoculars from Walmart to try to see what the Friend looked like. It is like a roundish cell of dancing light divided down the middle, but you cant always see the black line because it rotates. Finally I said, "Id like to see what you are because I cant tell." Then it turned and looked like a ring of prism fire. The best way to describe it is it looked like an eclipse looks like when a planet blocks out the sun, like a black hole in a strange fire. Then it rotated again and looked like the glob of light again. ...
I have no idea what any of this means. I want to let everyone know this stuff is real, take it from the former ultimate skeptic. Im still trying to explain it but the more I see the harder I get. I wish others in this area would start watching and try to help me understand what in the world it all is. However, I have to say I have felt weirded out but ultimately I feel very friendly with them, as if they are pen pals that I finally am getting the chance to meet in real life. .
What's going on in NJ right? After 1,000 UFO posts at UDCC I've highlighted what seems to be associated with the UFO perception phenomena - including silence, hugeness, and the military (and the cloaking aspect). The `communication' is also seen on occasion and is what I refer to as Orb Calling. One strange UFO story for sure.
Missouri 11/26/13 - Neighborhood UFO `On Demand' - MUFON Reports (reported 11/30)
(report highlights below, use link above for full report)
RED is my emphasis
Tuesday, November, 26, 2013, at 6:13pm-6:15pm, I sat outside in my backyard to smoke a cigarette. Looking up into the nights sky I thought to myself, "I cannot believe in all my years I have never seen a UFO" when ON QUE I saw a bright, well-lit object emanating three distinct lights from the front of it; red, green and white, blinking in a pulsating pattern from its right to left, flying in from the tree line, towards my direction. This object was flying very slowly and rather closely to the ground, and appeared to be slightly descending. I followed it to my front yard where I observed the object already sitting stationary above my neighbors house across the street. The object was not literally above my neighbors house, but its placement from where I stood appeared to be above my neighbors house. In reality, it was most likely towards or in the Defiance area if not further....
I happened to notice a second lighted object, similar to the first, also sitting stationary in the air to its left. I do not know from where it came or for how long it had been there before noticing it, but soon after I watched it fly back toward the tree line, from where I saw the first object fly in from. Again it flew low enough, even lower in fact, that I was able to see it was black, had V shaped louvers, had four lights; two sets of lights each; one in front, one in back; one row red and other white.......
After all the excitement was gone from the front yard, I went to the back door downstairs to see if I could view anything left in the sky from behind the house. I opened the door and heard something that startled me, so I instantly closed the door and ran upstairs. Suddenly then the air became so electrically charged that it was almost suffocating for me. I kept waving my arms in the air as if to push something off my back, because it literally felt like something attached itself to me. Sounds crazy I know, but no more crazier than what I had just witnessed.....
The witness (no specific location?) then went on to describe how it - the phenomena -  was up to 4 nights in a row the object had appeared near the same location. UFOs on instant demand - even if the very first time ever - is NOT unknown in the reporting of the phenomena. Nor is the `Neighborhood UFOs' seemingly already there for observation. Nor is the electricity feeling or fear factor. The recurring Orb - Another strange UFO story.
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